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by i
06 Nov 2014, 14:49
Forum: Graphics Development
Topic: Grass set [WIP]
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Re: Grass set [WIP]

EJlol wrote:It looks a lot better than before.
Good job! :alt-3:
Indeed :)
by i
11 Mar 2014, 07:48
Forum: Content Development
Topic: [WIP] Port City
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Re: [WIP] Port City

You made my day! :D Thank you!
by i
27 May 2013, 06:32
Forum: Content Development
Topic: CR1 dead?
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Re: CR1 dead?

by i
09 Apr 2013, 16:46
Forum: Content Development
Topic: Allow/switch to CC-BY-SA as license for graphics and sounds
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Re: Allow/switch to CC-BY-SA as license for graphics and sou

Do you consider any other licenses like Apache or BSD? I agree that in some parts CC-BY-SA is better than GPL. Dual licensing seems be the best possible way of resolving this problem. All you need is get approval of every author. You got mine. And I do not see any problem with that. Maybe a couple y...
by i
26 Jul 2012, 09:42
Forum: Off topic
Topic: Land of Fire TMW is online!
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Re: Land of Fire TMW is online!

TMW's problem is more like this Sure it would be a nice if you fixed it up, but the cost of doing so is so much more than its worth and you would just be better off starting from scratch. :wink: Unfortunately you ...
by i
17 Jul 2012, 16:41
Forum: Off topic
Topic: content for starting new servers
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Re: content for starting new servers

This will be not quite constructive comment...

by i
20 Jun 2012, 18:55
Forum: Graphics Development
Topic: [DIS] Castle Walls
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Re: [DIS] Castle Walls

Forgive me if I say something weird (I'm bad in english). I tried to complete that bridge. Can I use it in TMW-BR? :mrgreen: As far as I remember I draw those files :) So if you change IvanMorve for Irukard you may use it, as long as you respect GPL2 statem...
by i
29 Apr 2012, 11:03
Forum: Content Development
Topic: Trello
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Re: Trello

bcs86 wrote:I refuse to use it.
Mad enough that things were moved to github.
Judging by the latest activity on trello, I assume that not only you refuse to use it.
by i
10 Apr 2012, 11:14
Forum: Graphics Development
Topic: [WIP] Library tileset
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Re: [WIP] Library tileset

Pihro wrote:speaking of the library tileset, there is a table and cabinet w/ vanishing point perspective. if this is not planned to be fixed I can do it if needed.
This is verrrry old tileset (7 years already, since my first release in 2005). It should be fixed a long time ago.
by i
27 Feb 2012, 18:02
Forum: Feedback / Feature Requests / Content Suggestions
Topic: Which client do you use?
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Re: Which client do you use?

Of course MANABOT!
by i
17 Jan 2012, 00:27
Forum: Graphics Development
Topic: [WIP] New Desert Tileset
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Re: [WIP] New Desert Tileset

Matt wrote:I love you.
iru does too.
Indeed <3
by i
04 Jan 2012, 14:53
Forum: GM Community Suggestions
Topic: Matt for GM
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Re: Matt for GM

YES! Yes~!
by i
04 Jan 2012, 14:20
Forum: Content Development
Topic: alan12 for developed
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Re: alan12 for developed

alan12 wrote:pustular me for developed thanks very much if they let me be developed and i have hability for pixie artist :D
Poof! You are now officially DEVELOPED! :)
But I'm not really sure what that means.
by i
29 Dec 2011, 21:58
Forum: Graphics Development
Topic: windmill, barn & other stuff
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Re: windmill, barn & other stuff

Matt wrote:Were there any updates since then?
Yes, many. Most of them for purpose of Evol Online. Ivan's work is mostly continued by Reidy. I also did a couple related things like pavement improvement.