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by soseki
12 Oct 2016, 06:30
Forum: Content Development
Topic: [Legacy] [WIP] Halloween 2016 rewards
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[Legacy] [WIP] Halloween 2016 rewards

After a few hours of adding more options and testing it, I think I have a working script.
I'll need someone to help me write stories for the L_Infos for each item to finish faster.
(71.98 KiB) Downloaded 67 times
by soseki
11 Oct 2016, 15:48
Forum: News
Topic: Halloween 2016
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Re: Halloween 2016

I think its doable, would need to include about 50 more options to this menu and try to come up with a reasonable price for every item sold there. L_Shop_Inventory: menu "Opera Mask (9,000 credits)", L_Buy_OperaMask, "Tell me about the Opera Mask.", L_Info_OperaMask, "Jester Mask (7,000 credits)", L...
by soseki
11 Oct 2016, 14:41
Forum: News
Topic: Halloween 2016
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Re: Halloween 2016

This are awesome news. But since this is probably the last quest that will get into game, it would be awesome if you added as a reward every rare item that has ever been released. This will bring old players which will probably end up playing on the new server and at the end it will be beneficing ev...
by soseki
21 Sep 2016, 18:55
Forum: Off topic
Topic: Gamepad Thread
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Re: Gamepad Thread

How does it feel when you are moving and attacking with the xbox game pad?
by soseki
05 Aug 2016, 08:20
Forum: News
Topic: TMW/Evol Union
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Re: TMW/Evol Union

I would like to know when is the new server going to be available so that we can test it.
by soseki
21 Jul 2016, 12:43
Forum: Content Development
Topic: [FUSION] [DIS] Keep the old server alive?
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Re: [DIS] [MERGE] Keep the old server alive?

Dont migrate anything, if it is a new server let everyone start from 0, and keep the old server. This way if anyone gets nostalgic he/her can visit it the old server.
by soseki
20 Jul 2016, 12:02
Forum: Support and Bug reports
Topic: connection to main server terminated
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Re: connection to main server terminated

The server has been unresposible since they introduced that third-gender-tumblr idiology in game.
This might sound like a conspiracy too but I believe that Manaplus has been making the gameplay suck a lot.
by soseki
13 Jul 2016, 18:39
Forum: Content Development
Topic: [FUSION] [DIS] TMW data merge & the economy
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Re: [DIS] TMW data merge & the economy

Burn all the Chocolate Cupcake down.
by soseki
13 Jul 2016, 18:37
Forum: Player talk
Topic: Monumental GM event is in the works.
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Re: Monumental GM event is in the works.

Why you want to host it now if everything is going to be deleted in a few months. Can't you wait until the merge and then host a party that lasts at least a week ?
by soseki
22 Jun 2016, 20:52
Forum: Player talk
Topic: Some fun Screenies
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Re: Some fun Screenies

I found some old screenies from back in the days... Not much fancy, just a lot of people sitting at the pond in tulimshar. The pond was the place to be before the town of hurnscald was discovered. Hope you guys like it. TMW_Screenshot_6.png TMW_Screenshot_7.png They are from October 2008 Golden age...
by soseki
23 Apr 2016, 12:38
Forum: Content Development
Topic: Rares & availability [DIS]
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Re: Rares & availability [DIS]

I feel like I have to talk here, do you even know the players that are complaining ? I've witnessed their shady actions since the first day the started playing, all they can do is complain because they can't get those rares the easy way, it should never be easy to get them but everyone should have a...
by soseki
21 Mar 2016, 17:36
Forum: Feedback / Feature Requests / Content Suggestions
Topic: The game needs more content
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The game needs more content

For the last couple of months there haven't been any new quests, new items or other kind of stuff.
Yes I know that the devs have been focusing mainly on fixing stuff, but is it me or isn't it taking too long?
We really need new content.
by soseki
02 Feb 2016, 12:22
Forum: Graphics Development
Topic: [CPT] Modanung's monster ideas
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Re: [CPT] Modanung's monster ideas

Lizandra wrote:
pateame wrote:It's embarassing to see how ugly were my work in the past, my self-critic is killing me. :lol:
Don't be so hard on yourself. It already looked pretty amazing to begin with. I am glad you're back.
I don't think he's around anymore :lol:
by soseki
16 Jan 2016, 20:32
Forum: Content Development
Topic: Gender per char and third gender [TEST]
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Re: Gender per char and third gender [TEST]

I am offended by this and am going to report you to the internet police. Three genders are not enough. You're literally worse than Hitler. Please make TMW comply with all genders. Here's a small list, to start with.
by soseki
16 Jan 2016, 16:22
Forum: Off topic
Topic: The official server flamewar topic
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Re: The official server flamewar topic

With all due respect, I used the word stupid once, and I have apologized for doing so! Yes you right prsm, but if i said it several time it was as example in the discussion i had with someone else. I tried to say to SriNitayanda to read my previous post but he enjoyed particulary the situation to p...