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by Søren
02 Oct 2021, 06:14
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Topic: ManaMarket
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Re: ManaMarket

Can somebody add Soren Bautista please

by Søren
03 Dec 2019, 18:39
Forum: GM Community Suggestions
Topic: Kytty for GM
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Re: Kytty for GM

gl :alt-5:
by Søren
18 May 2019, 21:35
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Topic: i change Bull Helmet for Banshee Bow
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i change Bull Helmet for Banshee Bow

Hey ladys and gentlemans, i give bull helmet for banshee bow you can contact me in the game with Depredador, Shinra Tensei or Soren. :B
by Søren
17 Apr 2019, 23:40
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Topic: The official server flamewar topic
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Re: Censorship is the only thing that manages to thrive here.

I wrote several posts in last two weeks, all relating to the topic, and each of them was deleted, nice. Looks like you want to prevent all of 5 active users from hearing the truth, for example how did you wasted years of my work. You can delete this too, but I will repost it. You still feel hurt ag...
by Søren
01 Feb 2019, 01:32
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Topic: Devs and GMs
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Re: Devs and GMs

This idea is awesome dude, good luck with your streams, i hope you gonna make some new players test this game! :alt-6:
by Søren
15 Dec 2018, 14:20
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Topic: [Want To Buy] Eyepatch - 18KK
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Re: [Want To Buy] Eyepatch - 18KK

i have one :alt-7:
by Søren
13 Dec 2018, 17:51
Forum: Graphics Development
Topic: [WIP] Woodland and Hurnscald maps
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Re: [WIP] Woodland and Hurnscald maps

l'm in love with this new tilesets :D