Crew of Red Corsair

Join us in this great adventure, brave corsair!
Forum rules
I) General:

Act 1: No insults, insinuations, scamming. RFC 1855 (follow netetiquette).

Act 2: Don't spam (That includes trade spam).

Act 3: You will always treat others the way you'd wish to be treated.

Act 4: Always follow the game rules.

II) The Clan:

Act 1: The Clan is free. NO political, religious or social belief should be discussed here.

Act 2 : You have no obligations apart from respecting the rules. We want you to have fun.

Act 3 : Everybody who leaves the Clan can reenter only once, if you decide to leave again the clan its forever, this is also for admins.

Act 4 : The clan is a big family and we are united. It would be interesting and pleasant for all of us to help each other out at times. Thank you for respecting these rules and applying them.

Act 5: As the clan is closely game related (guilds), you can only belong to one clan/guild.
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