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Server problems

Posted: 02 Jan 2006, 22:12
by ElvenProgrammer
Due to some server problems it seems a lot of characters were deleted. We are now trying to find a way to restore them. Please wait some time until further news.

Posted: 02 Jan 2006, 23:36
by Modanung
Mine still lives... although I seem to have lost about 1M GP and lot of rare and expensive items. :roll:

Posted: 03 Jan 2006, 01:04
by Alturis
My character is gone! Hopefully they can restore the lost characters. :roll:

Posted: 03 Jan 2006, 11:15
by ElvenProgrammer
We found a backup of the server on 02/02/2006 @ 3:07 GMT, so we restored the status of the server to that one. Any progress from that time on is lost, even the newly created characters.

Posted: 03 Jan 2006, 14:20
by Schnurzel
Yeah, my Level-59-Chars is back. :D

...but now "Levy" is gone and with this Chars the Gift of Elven, the Leathergloves. :wink:

Anyway, now i go to become lvl 60. Special thx again to Elven and Platyna for all your help on yesterday. :)

CU Schnurzel

Posted: 03 Jan 2006, 14:49
by Modanung
ElvenProgrammer wrote:We found a backup of the server on 02/02/2006 @ 3:07 GMT...
I suppose you mean the second of december, not the second of febuary. :wink:

Posted: 03 Jan 2006, 14:51
by ElvenProgrammer
Nah I mean the 2nd of January, sorry my fault

Posted: 03 Jan 2006, 16:38
by Peacemaker

good to hear, but...

EDIT: I'm completly restored :) thanks


Posted: 05 Jan 2006, 09:18
by Alturis character still seems to be gone.

Is there a way to get the character name from an email address? Maybe I'm not using the correct character name.

Thanks 8)

Posted: 05 Jan 2006, 11:22
by ElvenProgrammer
What about creating a new one? Characters lost could not be older than one day, so I guess there's no much effort in recreating them.

Posted: 05 Jan 2006, 18:26
by Alturis
My character was months old. This is why I think that I must have my character name wrong. I spent many hours on that character and don't want to start a new one unless I have too. :roll:

Posted: 05 Jan 2006, 18:38
by ElvenProgrammer
Then your problem is you don't remember your username/password, or you can login but you have no character?

Posted: 06 Jan 2006, 05:54
by Alturis
My problem was that I didn't remember my login name. I got it now. I thought my login was the same as my character name. It wasn't.

Everything is fine. :roll:

Posted: 06 Jan 2006, 10:41
by ElvenProgrammer
So you're ok now? If not tell me your player's name and I'll try to find your account data.

Posted: 06 Jan 2006, 19:59
by Alturis
Yes everything is working good and I have my old character. The new version of the game looks awesome! Keep up the good work. Thanks for all the hard work you guys put into making this game!