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Gm Broadcasts

Posted: 09 Jan 2014, 00:19
by prsm
After some recent conflict about broadcasting announcements, the GM team has decided to define that roll.

- we will not make any announcements that are asked for with @wgm, that is a tool for players to report abuse or conflict
- we will only announce for Candor, Illia, CIndy, drop parties or personal events
- we will not make announcements for seasonal or annual quests
- we will not make an announcement if we are busy doing our GM duties
- we will not make the announcement if it was asked for to our alts (the GM team does play the game)

Please be aware we do the "broadcasts" as a courtesy to the players, it truly is not part or our job description.

Broadcasts are not a right but a service, and as such has a lower priority to the Game Masters. We want to help but our other duties have higher priority