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The Game Master reference manual

Posted: 10 Dec 2016, 18:26
by WildX

These guidelines are here to help GMs in their job and to give players an idea of how rule breaking will be dealt with. The GMs reserve the right to act according to their own judgement whenever their decision is reversible upon further discussion with the Team.

Duties of a GM

Game Masters should enforce the rules, provide support to players in need of assistance (although are not required to provide technical support) and monitor the server when possible by navigating through the online players (@hugo/@linus).

Game Masters can provide entertainment through the hosting of events and the responsible and non-invasive use of commands.

How to enforce the rules

Player abuse, spam (including trade spam), begging, non-English languages in General chat
The player should be warned at least once, with the warning preferably being logged with "@t [message]". If the behaviour continues after a warning, the player should be kicked from the server (@kick) and after a third offence banned for a length of time appropriate for the offence caused. GMs are always advised to discuss any bans that they issue with the rest of the team. Any modifications to the length of a ban are possible at the GM's discretion, but they should consult the team first.

First offence: Player is banned for 30 days (@ban <name> <30d>) , level is reset to 0 (@charbaselvl <name> <-99> and all valuable items dropped by the mobs the player was killing by botting are removed (@chardelitem <ItemID> <count> <name>).

Second offence: @block (permanent).

First offence: All characters involved receive a 7-day ban.
Second offence: All characters involved receive a 30-day ban.
Third offence: All characters involved receive a permanent ban (@block).

How to conduct a botcheck

The GM should make themselves visible to the player and clearly attempt to engage them in conversation. Should the player not reply or reply in a way that suggests the use of automation, the GM should initiate a botcheck for the duration of 2 minutes in which they should clearly tell the player that, should they not reply, they will be banned. It is advised that the GM not use the full name of the player that is being botchecked or the word "bot", as this could easily set off highlights to alert the AFK botter of the botcheck. If the player responds within 2 minutes, they will have passed the botcheck and be free to continue playing. If the player fails the botcheck, they should be banned.

How to monitor the server

In order to be aware of any issues, GMs should activate the @hide (hides from online list and aggro mobs) and @invisible (hides from players' sight) commands and travel forward (@hugo) or backwards (@linus) through the online list, checking for instances of rule breaking or players in need of assistance.

How to log actions

In the interest of clarity, GMs are encouraged to log the reason for actions that they take with the @l <message> command. This does not print their message to the chat, but logs it for later public viewing in the GM logs.

Re: How to enforce Rule 7

Posted: 15 Feb 2020, 14:10
by WildX

Sometimes people are rude, annoying, incosiderate, disrespecful, or careless with their private information. These do not always fall under the more specific rules of conduct for TMW. Rule 7 and the TMW Social Convention were created to give Game Masters and Forum Administrators/Moderators a way to address this type of behaviour. I will speak in game terms but the same guidelines apply for forum moderation.

TMW Rules wrote: 16 Sep 2007, 18:33

Follow the TMW Social Convention.

If you think a player that you have observed or that has been reported to you is violating the TMWSC, you should first engage them and explain this to them. If possible, link them to ... Convention so that they can be given a chance to consider what this convention entails.

When and how to take further action
Let's say for example someone is talking IN ALL CAPITALS CONSTANTLY and this is annoying to the people around them. This does violate the convention, but does not fall under any other rules where there is an established procedure of @kick/@ban/@block. The player is likely to perceive these actions as hostile and the situation may escalate. This could provide an excuse to kick or ban the player, but should be avoided as GMs should be friendly moderators, not hostile ones. You should try to reason with the player as much as possible and before resorting to any stricter tools for moderation. You should try @mute first (@mute <minutes> "<char name>" - works for max 120min, unmute by using @mute and setting time to 0).