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Test Server updates

Posted: 16 Jan 2019, 14:34
by Micksha
Hi all,

we have frequent updates of our test server lately, to keep track and show you some of the things we add I would like to use this news topic whenever we have something that might be interesting for you. Also with new content comes new work for testers - feel free to hang around on our test server, see whatever is available there, and give feedback on IRC (#evol-dev). Also you can contact us from test server, just use the #irc tab in chat window.

So, for now here a little link with the rowboat, now live on test server ;)

Thanks for playing, testing, contributing and all the time you spend with us on the project.


Re: Test Server updates

Posted: 13 Feb 2019, 12:16
by Micksha
Hi again,
this is to follow up on latest additions to the project, visible on test server.

- Galimatia quest: we have now growing roses and tulips, just the script is missing for this quest - but I will prepare a preliminary one so you guys have something to test already :) For checking warp to 008-1-1 105 57. The player will make his first experiences with magic in this quest.

- Rowboat: it is working, only the quest needs finalization. If you want to row around a bit warp to 001-1 200 61 on test server and check it out.

- Mining: Still valid, you have to use pickaxe then you can try mining in the preliminary Bat cave (008-3-1) or in naked Rossy cave ("@warp vein" OR "@warp lava" if you are courageous). You can add Crude gems to the Copper necklace to improve your stats.

- Weapons: I prepared an Axe and a chopstick weapon (I was told to rename the latter, okok). Type /createitems to check what we have right now. With using the weapons the player will be able to gain passive skills to improve attack with either type of weapon in Artis Legion (pending)- when passive skill reaches a certain level there will be granted special attack or defend spells too.

- Equipment: We already have a bunch of dyeable clothes, checkout with /createitems. Simply drag-and-drop the dye onto the clothes. (Same with gemstones and copper necklace, btw).

- Adding indoor maps is going on, check @warp hurns and see the Rusty Nail, the Mining camp and others.

Next steps planned:

- Preparing new Hurns underground caves.
- Add the graveyard and Asphodel Moor (harr harr).
- Add an indoor tileset for Evil witches and Asphodel Moor :twisted:
- Finalize Artis: Legion quest, Sewers quest and leaving Artis.
- Continuing with adding content to Hurns.

See you on test server. Any help highly appreciated - visit us on IRC, #evol-dev.

- Mick