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The Mana News

Posted: 28 Feb 2019, 18:57
by WildX
Hello peoples of Gasaron!

This is a throwback to Evol's old news posts. Great for community engagement and stupidly abandoned in 2016. But this is 2019 and I will write a news post if I want to, dammit.

Here's what's going on. Buckle up.
  • Development speed is steadily picking up! Special thanks to Micksha, Jesusalva and Tomminator for this.
    Check out activity on GitLab to stay up to date with what's being developed.
  • The test server is looking beautiful, if you haven't taken a tour yet, here's some quick screenshots:
    News1.png (1.91 MiB) Viewed 1509 times
  • Your poetic talents and/or Irish cheer are required for Prsm's 2019 St. Patrick's Day limerick competition. Good luck!
  • 11th April 2019 will be The Mana World's 15th birthday. Stay tuned for birthday celebrations and also feel free to throw your own party, as long as I'm invited.

The Mana News (2019/04/17)

Posted: 17 Apr 2019, 15:29
by jesusalva
Hello to everyone, regardless of gender or race. Yes, I am addressing the shy Tritans among us! Oh, your dog might also interest on this.

So, the last edition of this newspaper was in March 1st.

It was about 45 days ago, so lets do another new post!

So, here is the current progress report for rEvolt server.
Captura de tela em 2019-04-17 10-53-32.png
Captura de tela em 2019-04-17 10-53-32.png (73.95 KiB) Viewed 1420 times
Well, so I would love to bore everyone to death, telling about how many placeholders we've added this past period.
From adding a hideout on Artis (where? it is a secret of course) (to contraband Nutella-err, fight against the Legion), to several bugfixes and bringing Wyara back... Adding minimaps to most maps while still keeping Rossy's caves a secret, improving several minor things and add some skills (because, seriously, we are the MANA world. A mana world without magic makes no sense, right?).

But thing is, I can't.
I know, many missed Mona's dad rescue operation. I know, many missed the incredible desync which brought 4144 to release ManaPlus Throwing stuff in sewers and Peter quest redesign, and making sandwiches...
....But I don't have time for that, because in case you just said "Neat, there are progress bars on the picture", there is also due dates.

This means, as our (late) TMW birthday gift to community, we decided on a deadline.
You know, thing is - not even the developers can wait yet another whole year for this game to be playable.
So we decided on a deadline, somewhere between September and October 2019 (after lots of drama on IRC, as tradition demands.)

Anyway, gotta stop chat, we have a game to finish if we want to be able to call it The Mana World.
Do you know what makes The Mana World, The Mana World? Here is a hint: It is not the name. It is not the quests. It is not the graphics. And it is not the player data either.
If you find out, please do not share :>
Fan Art: Angry TMW Developers going after Reid, because she took all the Nutella for herself and we need it to slay evil beasts:
Original Art: Fother, Irukard, Kansu
Messing up: Jesusalva
License: GPL v3 (with Attribution Required)

First milestone completed

Posted: 01 May 2019, 12:02
by WildX
Hello Everyone!

I'm making this announcement to tell you that our first development milestone for the new server's first release, titled The Mana World: rEvolt, is now 100% completed. The initial deadline was set at 31/05/19 but we managed to finish one month ahead of schedule!

The milestone was called Artis Sewer and included all content relating to the underground maps under the city of Artis as well as some other bits of content that we wanted to be out at the same time. The next milestone, Artis Legion, currently sits at 75% completion with a deadline of 30/06/19, but given how quickly things have been moving I would say we're well ahead of schedule for this one as well!

The third and final milestone, Hurnscald, encompasses the biggest part of the release: the town of Hurnscald and the surrounding woodland region of Argaes. Its deadline represents an approximate deadline for the entire release and is currently set at 06/09/19.

I want to say thank you to the people who have worked the most and the hardest in recent weeks to get us this far: Micksha and Jesusalva are undeniably the reason why we're moving so quickly and I'm very grateful for their amazing work. Toams has been working on fundamental things for the Artis Legion milestone and we have him to thank for this next milestone doing as well as the previous. 4144 is, as always, the beating heart of TMW development without which we couldn't be doing any of this. There's many other people who make all of this possible, but this isn't my graduation speech so I'll cut it short and just give everyone a big thank you for sticking with this 15 year old project that continues to surprise me with how far it has come. I promise the next milestone announcement won't be as soppy, but this is the first one so I think it's fitting. :lol: