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Posted: 04 Jun 2004, 18:19
by Sull
im glad to see i am not alone,maybe for the code source i cant help too much im just at learning stage like yu,the thing i do is!
1-conver it to linux
2-add some dialog
3-add some new code not about the socket(sound etc)

thx yu

Posted: 04 Jun 2004, 18:29
by natsuki
now you have someone who can help^^

Posted: 06 Jun 2004, 12:50
by tumbak
I'll also do linux development, we are three now! :D

Posted: 06 Jun 2004, 14:44
by natsuki
now sull have someone who can help^^

still linux code is nearly win32s so there should be not much problem w/ it