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Forum moderation guidelines

Posted: 15 Dec 2009, 18:56
by Crush
Hello and welcome to the forums.

Before posting here you should know that there are two kinds of forums here with different moderation philosophies.

Loose moderation forums

Loose moderation forums are those mainly relevant for the player community. We are all here to have fun, so moderation is pretty lax here. Loose moderation forums are:
  • Player Talk
  • Clans
  • Market Place
  • Off Topic
  • Feedback
Arguments, even heated ones, are allowed here. Even posting controversial postings for fun (trolling) is permitted here as long as it doesn't turn into severe spamming. Insults will only be removed and punished when someone complains about them using the Image button below each post. Posting of illegal or NSFW content is of course forbidden and will be severely punished on sight. We also reserve the right to move individual postings or whole threads around when we believe that they fit better elsewhere.

EDIT by Platyna: Threads concerning GM administrative actions (such as banning, kicking) are only allowed in Court House section if they are upholding that section standards (are in form of abuse reports, containing valid evidence against a GM like about any other player). Such threads appearing on other sections are to be moved to Court House or locked.

Strict moderation forums

Strict moderation forums, on the other hand, are those relevant for development and those most likely to be viewed by potential new contributors. To allow developers to exchange thoughts without interference in a professional environment they have a much more strict moderation guideline. Strict moderation forums are:
  • News
  • Whole "Development" section
  • Court House
  • GM Community Suggestions
  • Support and Bug reports
In these forums the following things are strictly forbidden:
  • Making non-serious or off-topic postings
  • Insulting people or using ad hominem arguments [Link]. (Clarification: You may of course provide criticism of peoples work, even when it is completely negative. But you may not insult the person him- or herself)
  • Posting with a "Persona" character impersonating a celebrity or fictional character (Clarification: You can of course post with an account named after a celebrity or fictional character as long as you don't use this account to roleplay him or her)
  • Posting with multiple accounts while giving the impression that they are different people aka. sock puppeting. (Clarification: When you have more than one forum account for whatever reason you are on the save side when you post only with one of them in the strict moderation forums)
Violation will result in a forum ban and deletion of the offending postings.

These guidelines were presented to the forum community in December 2009. An anonymous poll was made and an overwhelming majority (>80%) agreed to support this policy. The poll and the discussion can be found here: ... =12&t=9138

Thanks for reading and have fun contributing to

Re: New forum moderation guidelines

Posted: 16 Dec 2009, 23:00
by meway
Also please speak English.

Re: New forum moderation guidelines

Posted: 02 Jan 2010, 13:03
by Crush
Added the new "GM Community Suggestions" forum to strict forums.

Re: New forum moderation guidelines

Posted: 25 Jan 2010, 18:48
by Crush
Updated lists of strict and loose forums after forum reorganization. Nothing in there that should surprise anyone.

Re: New forum moderation guidelines

Posted: 25 Aug 2011, 17:40
by Platyna
Added policy concerning GM complaints.


Re: Forum moderation guidelines

Posted: 03 Sep 2016, 15:28
by WildX
Updated to fit new forum sections.