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Player Groups

Posted: 18 Feb 2010, 13:24
by Tengu
one question: the wiki ( of the TMW have a webmaster?

if yes, how i contact he?

if no, how can i create a topic of a group of players?
(this is only go there and edit?)

Regards, Tengu.

Re: Player Groups

Posted: 18 Feb 2010, 14:07
by Moiraine Damodred
If you type in a non-existing page like this one:

you will see this notice:
Group Players

There is currently no text in this page, you can search for this page title in other pages or edit this page.

Clicking the edit will let you create the page.

After that you need to change other pages so this one can be reached.

You could alter a page and add it in like this:

===EA server Newbie information===
*[[Getting started]]
*[[Party system]]
*[[Group Players]]

The last line would go to the newly created page.

Oh and I think questions should be asked in the forum (like you did with this one) and that there is not a specific person in charge of the wiki (if that is not the case someone else will hit me on my head ;) )

Re: Player Groups

Posted: 18 Feb 2010, 14:56
by Tengu
Thank you Moiraine :D

Regards, Tengu

Re: Player Groups

Posted: 18 Feb 2010, 17:09
by Crush
Please note that individual pages about player groups are not wanted on the wiki. But you are free to add a new section to the page when there is a notable faction in the game which deserves mentioning.