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Posted: 18 Oct 2005, 15:42
by Burger is down =( I can't get to it

Posted: 18 Oct 2005, 16:46
by criptos
yup, since friday...

Posted: 18 Oct 2005, 18:42
by Crush
yes, it is down... again... i already wrote on the developer mailing list that we got to find another solution.

Posted: 18 Oct 2005, 22:10
by criptos
What about another hosting? :)

Posted: 18 Oct 2005, 22:25
by Bjørn
Sorry my server was hacked which caused our ISP to shut down the internet connection and I'm having a little more problems in getting it back than usual.

I hope our internet will be back tomorrow but to resolve this problem with hackers I've switched the server from Arch Linux to Debian Sarge and will be paying a bit more attention to security recommendations while settings things back up. I hope to be able to restore things tomorrow.

In any case I think we'll be moving the wiki to the same host as this forum soon, as it's more reliable and faster.

Posted: 18 Oct 2005, 23:55
by Burger
Thanx for the info... I'll check back some day later to see if the wiki is online.

Posted: 19 Oct 2005, 08:10
by maci
you can do it anytime you want .. since i already set the vhost for to /wiki/ and i expanded the max size for used space

and if you want a seperated DB for forum and wiki .. this is no problem as well

Posted: 19 Feb 2006, 13:17
by Draicone
wiki is back up!

Posted: 19 Feb 2006, 18:51
by Crush
it hasn't been offline for months. this thread is 4 months old. like many other threads you posted into.