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Should we add spam cops?

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Re: Spam Cops

Post by o11c » 03 Aug 2011, 19:43

Freeyorp101 wrote:Ideally we'd be using reCaptcha, but apparently the themes are broken for it.

What part of the theme is relevant for displaying the captcha, and how does it differ between themes? It appears to display fine with the prosilver theme (it works in the acp)

Alternatively, perhaps the default theme should be changed to prosilver until the custom theme is fixed?

I thought reCaptcha displayed just fine in the acp regardless of the theme only when applied did it break?
o11c's IRC log wrote: 22:17 < o11c> Freeyorp: I'm thinking about fixing the reCaptcha problem since no one else has. It would be useful if you could break forum registration for a short while by reenabling it so I can get some of the generated HTML
22:19 < o11c> In particular: the second screen of when it doesn't show, the admin preview page, and the registration page if the default board style is temporarily set to 'prosilver'
22:21 < o11c> maybe also 'subsilver2'
22:22 < o11c> I could do the 'register' dumps myself but since it would require timing I'm not sure it would be efficient.
22:22 < o11c> Also for right now I'm going to bed
22:23 < o11c> but: yay google chrome incognito mode for allowing me to be simultaneously logged in and not logged in
22:23 < o11c> s/google chrome/chromium
22:26 < o11c> also not that the 'save page' feature in your browser probably doesn't work, but 'view source' + copy the text does
(since I already have the theme files)


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wget --post-data="agreed=I agree to these terms" -Osomefile.html
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Re: Spam Cops

Post by Jaxad0127 » 04 Aug 2011, 07:34

Crush wrote:But the GD image plugin seems to be the only one that works. You suspect it's the theme? I don't know enough about phpBB to make any assumptions about possible reasons.
Yes, we're quite sure it's a theme issue. It doesn't even show up with the current default theme (tmw3). If you go into the admin interface (which uses prosilver), it works fine. Could we have the registration page alone be prosilver?
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Re: Spam Cops

Post by Gotcha » 04 Aug 2011, 12:25

hello, i'm not sure if that's a solution(or part of), but from what i read the error could be since the theme isn't ready for changes made in phpbb 3.0.6.
i saw that for some people a solution was to use the captcha template file from a template where it works, especially from the prosilver or subsilver2 theme if the one from prosilver doesnt.

1. adding:
<!-- ENDIF -->
(i am not sure in what templatefile that goes, some "mainthemetemplate" or maybe directly into the one of the page where captcha should show.)

2. copying a templatefile from the prosilver theme to the currently used one(and maybe lateron adjust this one to the tmw style):
to root/styles/usedtheme/templates/
(also not sure if that file would be called for example just recaptcha.html if another captchaplugin than this one is used.)

i have that from: ... s-and-you/

maybe it's something into the right direction, but there is no promise that it will work since i didn't setup phpbb to test it with the current tmw theme.
maybe it just works.

best regards and good day
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