READ ME: Forum Moderation

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READ ME: Forum Moderation

Post by Platyna »

Considering the amount of spam and gibberish on forum, which makes forums almost useless as a game development tool I would like to announce the following forums: News, Suggestions/Feedback and whole Development Section will be heavily moderated. It means:
- no offtopic allowed, including no "lol" posts, no one-smiley posts,
- no cross-posts - which includes subjects that makes hard to define which section post/thread belongs
- no posts which digs out the grave issues discussed dozen times.

Posts non conforming to above will be deleted on sight.

Flying-in-the-clouds posts like "it would be cool if we...", concept art (unless art developers states otherwise) post on Suggestions/Feedback.

All posts regarding concrete game content - implementable items, sprites, maps, code etc. please, post in approriate development sections.
If you are known contributor and you would like to discuss an important issue please notify me via forum PM, so I could add this thread to observed threads.

About other changes in forum moderation I will inform in this thread.