Wiki is out of date

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Wiki is out of date

Post by iggyvolz »

The wiki needs to be updated to a more modern version of MediaWiki. Per [wiki]Special:Version[/wiki], the version that is currently used is the LTS branch that was discontinued in June. You need to upgrade to the 1.22 (or, if you're feeling like doing a couple manual changes, 1.23) branch.

If there was a github repo with the wiki on it I would make a pull request, but it looks like it's not on the main github repo for the website.

Sorry, amazing game, but that's a pet peeve of mine and it's always the first thing I check on.
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Re: Wiki is out of date

Post by o11c »

To cut down on maintenance, we're using the distro packages, so we're stuck with that version until sometime in 2015 (Debian jessie freezes at the beginning of November; typical time from freeze to release is 6 months).

(from the post title, I was *sure* the answer was "it's a wiki, you edit it" but I guess I was wrong)
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