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Improving Wiki

Posted: 26 Nov 2014, 09:59
by deepthought
Instead of writing more and more articles lets first clean up what's there in wiki. There are mistakes and i corrected some of them. Some of the content is also old. I would like everyone to post spelling mistakes, article changes or anything which you have observed and needs to be changed.


Re: Wiki Typo Hunt

Posted: 14 Dec 2014, 19:53
by deepthought
Walkthrough page mentions that spiders in Terranite cave, snakes in tulmishor as training locations. Now a days nobody trains there. I think those were training locations before changes made to graveyard. I have leveled up a few characters by training in graveyard from level 25 onwards. Up to 25 I hunted logs. I think changes have to be made in training locations section in walkthrough. What say ?