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Re: [FND] New Button

Posted: 25 Feb 2014, 15:24
by Salius
EJlol wrote:According to my FF there is: a {
color: #473529;
text-decoration: underline;
You are right.
I remove this decoration from css. I can't completely remove text (invisible space) in Joomla yet. But I can remove this decoration.

Follow Us

Posted: 06 Mar 2014, 14:41
by Salius
Reid wrote:The "Follow Us" part is managed through a widget from Joomla, that's why it doesn't have the exact same theme than the download button. So all of these icons are inside this widget and I wonder how hard it would be to change them. (maybe not hard, maybe hard... alt25)
I will add your new Download button tonight, thanks!

Pre-answer of what you will ask for: no, we can't add a self-made widget/CSS Follow Us link as our template is a bit messed up right now with non-dynamical position of some elements, but once we will fix that we will reconsider to make this box ourself.
If you want to modify "Follow Us" widget, this is possible. We can modify this widget, both css and icons. Creating self-made widget is possible too, but harder. I think better modify current widget.
What do you want to change in this widget?

Re: [FND] New Button

Posted: 06 Mar 2014, 19:17
by Reid
I would like to add more custom links, such as one for IRC, Ohloh, etc...

Re: [FND] New Button

Posted: 13 Mar 2014, 15:08
by Salius
Reid wrote:I would like to add more custom links, such as one for IRC, Ohloh, etc...
1. If you want to change look of this module. this is easy to do.

2. If you want to add more buttons (you want, as I see :) ), this is harder work.
I know one easy way to do this, but this is bad way. I mean we can make static module with all links, which you need. This way acceptable as temporary solution, but this is not good practice for this task. When I write "static module", I mean one static html file (+ css), contained all your links and included in your template. I can make it fast and easy, but this is not good solution :).
Other ways to do this:
  • Edit source code of your current module. Not very easy way.
  • Find new Joomla module, which more usable for your tasks.
  • Make own Joomla module from scratch. Not easy way too.

Small improvement for Download button

Posted: 24 Jul 2014, 18:01
by Salius
I made small improvement for Download button. Now image changes more smoothly on mouse hover.