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Wiki, and how places are named.

Posted: 22 Sep 2017, 03:54
by DeadManWalking
I have encountered a difficulty, along with a potential solution, on wiki. I've already started implementing it, but if it isn't liked, I can remove it. It still leaves a question and an issue though, which I will get to at the end. Here is the difficulty.

The main places mentioned on the wiki are Tulimshar, Hurnscald and Graveyard, and some places have added in Candor and other names. Although I am already working on making the wiki consistent, and well-linked, I would like to make these all uniform, and would like to propose something, and get some feedback.

In the real world, the continents are identified firstly, then their countries, then states/districts, and then their cities and towns, etc. I would like to introduce this to the wiki, by doing this:

1. Have four major lands - Argeas, Tonori, Kaizei and Candor - as the bases where other areas are named from. This would correct stating that things are in Hurnscald, when in actuality, they are a long distance from Hurnscald, and the same could be said about Tulimshar and Pachua's area. An example in "Hurnscald" would be the graveyard, or Asphodel Moor. Going the other way, another example is where the Woodland Hills meet the Deep Snow Forest. This would make it easier to explain, and for people to state where things are more accurately.

2. I would like to have Hurnscald, Tulimshar and Nivalis as the capitals of these lands. That way it would become easier to describe where things are from where the ferry drops people off. Candor doesn't need a capital as it is a small island.

3. I'd like to make the four major land pages contain a list of places that are included in these lands. This is quite easy as I can just edit or add the pages required.

I believe this will make it easier for people to understand where things are (such as NPCs), as well as matching the storyline that was introduced in-game. I have already started this, but to do it properly means to use Argaes, Tonori, Kaizei and Candor as the names primarily, with the secondary names becoming exactly that...secondary.

I also understand that in theory this already exists in game and has from the start, but the storyline isn't strongly developed in at least MY mind, as some don't even know where Asphodel Moor is, as it was known incorrectly as Graveyard in the NPC's list, due to the old map. Knowing the lands with their histories would be beneficial to enjoyment of the game for some. Also, as the game is not going to undergo any great change now, it is a good time for the lands to be "settled", just like our planet is.

I understand this might be something new to get used to for us old-timer players (I'm a relatively old player, with a new name), but would be beneficial to establish so that people can find things in the right order. Dimond's Cove isn't in Hurnscald, but in the Woodland, for instance. The Woodland in turn is in Argaes.

As for the question and the issue, the question is, is Candor known as its own land, or does it have another name?

The issue is, the world maps are outdated, and it would be good to design them potentially with the already existing map lands (I think), as "Hurnscald" links to Kaizei through the storyline due to the large expanse of ice. Actually, it never used to state this link, but just said it was a large expanse of ice, so I used it to link up Woodland Hills with Deep Snow Field by way of the story, and used this point to develop it. It also allows for the lands to be separated on the maps for now. I have very limited experience with image editing, so map creation isn't something I can do very quickly.

Please provide me with some feedback :)

Edit: I just found a page that shows that this idea has been implemented already with some of the pages. I will continue with this path, as I'm not the first to think this needs work on, but many have worked on this. Still, I'm happy to hear any comments or opinions, or of course questions.

Re: Wiki, and how places are named.

Posted: 22 Sep 2017, 10:28
by WildX
I have already written the new geography of the world (the world being Gasaron). This page contains all of the canon information on that. I am thinking of drawing a new version of the map, but I'm also aware that it's a lot of work to change it once again, so I'm in two minds about that. However, place names and the general positioning of the land is all there; especially in Ancea you can expect things to remain the same.

Re: Wiki, and how places are named.

Posted: 24 Sep 2017, 05:35
by DeadManWalking
Beautiful. Good job! The map looks great as is. I'll make a legacy page with it, and add the link with Geography, and link to the other lands from it. I'm wondering about a few things though.

The names of the landmasses aren't on them, namely Ancea and Aemil. Would it be beneficial to have the continent names on them to identify them, or a description in the paragraph explanation?

The other thing is Blue Sage Mansion. Looking at the storyline, it appears that Blue Sage Mansion is in Thermin. I might be wrong, but it seems to blend well with the description. I've added Thermin as the location (doesn't need to be a town, but even a locality), but if it's wrong, I can undo it.

The Mangarr...the same thing. I added their location as Mangarron, although I'm unsure where Mangarron is on the map, other than where the tribe is located. At present it is a locality too, but I can edit this if they are just a wandering tribe in Kaizei, and Mangarron is far away. Still, it appears to be right...but I'm not 100%