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Wiki Editing

Posted: 24 Oct 2007, 08:41
by Arenlor
I've done some minor wiki editing, and hope to be able to do some more. Mainly all I did was fix broken links (User=blah and just the username and one seeming typo for the most part). The issue is this, only the developers really know what is and isn't staying in the proposal, so I can't exactly edit/create things like cities and demons and the like. I'll be poking around on it fixing things up as I can (tomorrow I'm going to create the NPC template as an actual template so that it can easily be entered, including having it automagically figure out from Empirical to Metric and the opposite)
Edit: I created the template for Em to Met but I need this extension installed for it to work (just three files) ... stallation if you can install that it'd be great and that way people wouldn't have to figure it out on their own. is the Template, very easy to use, and it fits right in nicely, I'm going to work on making the Template:NPCM now but that also won't work (notice the {{#expr: *}} things, that's what the parser will fix and it'll do the math for you. Well off to play the game some then later work on NPCM!