Question for updating ManaWorldWiki

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Question for updating ManaWorldWiki

Post by Ginaria » 10 Jul 2009, 16:17

Hello...last days I do some little updating some Wiki-Item-Pages, but now i have a problem and a question...

1st Question:
Should be these and similar pages of a Mana World items overview updatet? Or complete senseless?

2nd Problem:
Someone knows how to insert the missing graphics of the new items?


Little Updatet Wiki-sites: ... /Arm_Armor ... Foot_Armor ... ce/Shields
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Re: Question for updating ManaWorldWiki

Post by Crush » 10 Jul 2009, 17:01

Pictures can be uploaded to the wiki using the Upload File page.

You can find all item icons on our git repository: ... hics/items
The icons for dyeable items are greyscale because the graphic engine recolors them at runtime. When you need the recolored version of an icon I would recommend to take a screenshot and cut it out with an image manipulation program.
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