The Best of ManaWorld you wish came back

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Re: The Best of ManaWorld you wish came back

Post by Hello=) »

EJlol, interesting. Has it crashed on non-existent emote ID receive? And were you experimenting with protocol on purpose or found it by chance? Speaking for myself I've once found real server crasher (noobs are lucky). P.s. and client crash warrants next time I'll be with debugger attached :P.

Jes, I've never understood mindset of some TMWTians. I don't understand why ppl think limitations, restrictions, quirks, railroaded experience and somesuch are "features". Are they? "One Account To Rule Them All" follows this idea. Guess I dont like idea/rules/voting even more than implementation (how the hell something implementing restrictions could be good thing?). But in the end seems we can agree on one thing: it would be more convenient to everyone if I'm not to be in rEvolt.

WildX, do you know strangest feature of democracy? You can vote to make it something else - and remove further votings. Ofc it's one-way ticket (in its ultimate form). So, given right circumstances, democracy can become quintessence of autocracy or so. All it takes is a voting, lol. Oh, and btw, TMW isn't democracy. Many key decisions made behind closed doors, by some few. Even if it's a voting, it's not a general population voting. I can't even say "chosen few" - many were not elected. Most appropriate description of this structure is, probably, "oligarchy".

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Re: The Best of ManaWorld you wish came back

Post by EJlol »

QOAL was trying to add the :alt--: and :alt-=: smiley shortcuts. He then noticed that the server would send any smiley id, but the client didn't check whether the smiley actually existed or was out of bounds and therefore would crash his own client. He told me about it, I fixed the client, and a few minutes later I also added a button to send the illegal smiley id myself. So my own client wouldn't crash, but others still did as they didn't had the patch.

As the client crashed other clients immediately while they didn't do anything, it wasn't immediately clear what was going on. Sadly I bragged about it, and within a few minutes they determined it was me. I used it several times to kick botters (back then there were no GM's yet), and just for fun. They most likely could also have found the bug with an debugger, but it was simply easier to threat me with a ban... :P I guess that within 30 minutes the bug was fixed.

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Re: The Best of ManaWorld you wish came back

Post by jesusalva »

For the record, in the greek democracy (the so-called original), only nobles were allowed to vote.

And while in theory democracy allows self-elimination, its wrappers in practice prevent so (eg. Anti democratic arguments are usually a crime). There is a complex and boring theory about why this happens (why the system of government by its own essence impose autocratic restrictions regardless of what is underlying it), not going to bore you with that.

Adding new restrictions is not nice, but adding something without restrictions isn't necessarily good either. Would be bad IRL, too. As an example, imagine an OP weapon – there is no problem in the power, the problem is that:
1- The opponents doesn't catch up;
2- Getting too much power all at once usually is not fun.

So it actually makes sense to add some padding. When done in excess, though, it becomes grind, and that is really easy to do, so caution is required during everything.

Another key aspects though, is that as you know, there is no gain without a loss. It's an universal rule, if you add something, you lose the opportunity to add something else. Warranted by Time itself! For example, if you allow mule alts for extra storage, you lose the opportunity to make quests for extra storage, or at very least you lose motivation to both code the quest as to do it yourself.

I'm not claiming which of the two is the best as that's way besides the scope of the thread, but you cannot have both. Well, technically you can, but you'll then lose a third thing (and in this case, motivation – pointless feature; For devs and players doing the quest alike).

And well, in a sense, rEvolt does a lot of choices differently than tmw for the sake of doing things differently and testing something different. If you pretty much prefer tmw decisions, well, it is not going away :-) And I pretty much agree that you should not even bother trying rEvolt, as well, you'll, uh, get rEvolted with the decisions taken there. Eh.

But if you don't mind, then you just hit the jackpot, your lucky day, two amazing versions of TMW you get access to. Still, your freedom of choice :3

By the way. I'm terribly busy at university but when the semester ends I plan in dedicating some more time into TMW Evolved. If anything else, it will make maintenance simpler down the road. This road being long and rough, so either help, enjoy the ride, or...

Get off the car! :alt-5:
(Sorry, always wanted to say that)

Jesusalva (aka. Jesusaves)
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