Just to clarify...

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Just to clarify...

Post by Rill » 04 Dec 2018, 00:22

On December 1, 2018, in these forums, "TheManaWorld" posted the following:
... so now thats clear that admin and gm friends are getting everything they want for free and then wont give a single rare hat to common players ...

Just to clarify, please see these links regarding some events held during this year:




All players are welcome to attend events and vie for prizes, whether hosted by GMs or CRC. Event notices are posted in these forums well in advance, and are also announced in-game.

At the last event, 21 rare hats and masks were awarded, in addition to 2 new unique hats and a Murderer's Crown. Prize items were gifts from Prsm, as well as from individual players and CRC guild members who donated to CRC over time. CRC derives no material benefit from events, and hosts purely for the enjoyment it brings to players.

For his anticipated heartfelt apology to "admin", GMs, and their "friends" for his remark, thank you in advance to the player who identifies himself in these forums as "TheManaWorld".

Best wishes to everyone,
Captain, CRC Guild
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Re: Just to clarify...

Post by prsm » 04 Dec 2018, 00:44

Gm comment .......

Thank you for all you do in the game Rill!

There are not many of us that host events, and understand how much work
actually goes into it. I have yet to hold an event where someone doesn't complain/whine.
Over the years i have learned to turn a blind eye to them, but i would be lying if
I said it doesn't hurt.

You are helping in the game, and I will do what ever I can to help your efforts!

ego is the anesthesia that deadens the pain of stupidity!
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On that CRC char and so on...

Post by t3st3r » 04 Dec 2018, 04:52

... so now thats clear that admin and gm friends are getting everything they want for free and then wont give a single rare hat to common players ...
Hello=). By looking on accusions like viewtopic.php?f=20&t=20524 and so on I think I should try to clarify some things as well. At least I'll try.

Some backstory...
Crew of Red Corsair character is not a "GM friend". Idea has been to have "Event Coordinator" kind of persons in game. Just because people seen it in other games, it looked great and performed great. Making gameplay more interesting and providing extra fun. Hopefully, it could attract more players online. Looking on # of players attending events, it seems it works! I have "some funny screenies" to back this point of view. Eventually this idea reached devs/admins and after some discussions it seems they created "Event Coordinators" group, capable of some elevated powers.

To conduct events like real Event Coordinator one may need some bits of elevated powers, like some @commands, to allow events go beyond what it's possible with usual player powers, so events could happen in more advanced, less boring way, using features server can do. Speaking for myself I dream to see such char(s) leading epic battles in deadly environment, possibly impersonating charismatic leader of in-game faction, as a part of gameplay story or so. This said, Crew of Red Corsair character is a bit like this already, being traditionally used for events, usually by guild's captain, Rill.

The following is by no means official. Just a personal view of player loorking around for some years. Yet since I've been one of persons suggesting Event Coordinators I have to take my stand.

And so:
1) CRC char has been holding player-organized events for a while, being a Cindy mule, guild storage, hosting Candors, etc. Not for personal gains, just to add up to the game. If someone knows better suited character(s) for Event Coordinator - who would it be?
2) As far as I understand, CRC character is mostly controlled by Rill. After being promoted to Event Coordinator its activity generally related to events, either those in progress or preparing upcoming ones. So it kinda "technical" character, with no notion of personal gain at this point. Therefore whole claim of "abuse" on mentioned link makes me to facepalm.
3) As for items: Rill is a captain of largest, mostly active guild in game. So Rill can just ask guildies and get items without much trouble. However, I think events should not be exclusively sponsored by CRC members. Everyone is invited to patricipate, not just CRC. It could also be more fun if some uncommon items are released to game some fancy ways during events. At wich point it works better if person in question can deal with GMs/devs/admins reasonably on these grounds. Not to get cool items for self - to give them out to others.
4) Events do not discriminate players on guild basis or so. Fun is meant to be for everyone. So everyone stands chance to get items, rewards and fun. Just take a part in event - check it yourself!
5) I guess it rather new kind of thing. It could be kind of trial-and-error. Sometimes it could be imperfect. Yet bashing Rill for that is really wrong thing to do. Bringing a point could be an option - and it could be heard. Game community isn't bunch of hungry crocodiles. At least I hope so.
6) Personally attacking respected persons who spent their free time to arrange in game event is not OK though. Activity of Crew of Red Corsair char deserves some respect, not "abuse report", to my taste.
7) Since it new thing, it could lack some formal procedures/policies or look a bit ad-hoc and draft. Maybe Event Coordinators should be proposed by players and upvoted, like GMs. Or not. It not to me to decide, nor I know consensus. Either way I think it worked more or less reasonably to the date. I'm pretty sure events-related activity of Rill has been warmly welcome. Merely looking on online list during event gives decent idea.

TL;DR: speaking for myself, so far I would insist CRC character (and Rill behind it) are right persons in right places in right time, being a Good Thing for a project overall. It has been great for gameplay and I think things should head that direction. I've really enjoyed by events and I do appreciate when someone spends their free time to prepare events like this.
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Re: Just to clarify...

Post by Micksha » 04 Dec 2018, 22:26


If players feel offended by the use of GM commands its best to report it and forbid those people that kind of abuse.
If players are happy about the use of GM commands it must be allowed and the time these people spend shoud be honoured.
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