St Patricks Day March 17

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St Patricks Day March 17

Post by prsm »

The tradition continues, I will be holding another Limerick contest.

Since i posted this contest a tad late, you will have till the end of the month to submit a limerick.
I will pick the winner (or winners) on April 2. I would have picked April 1st, but everyone knows
why I didn't pick that date.

Please post your limerick here, any comments will be deleted, only limericks will remain.
The Limerick must contain TMW content of some sort.

Looking forward to the efforts!

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Re: St Patricks Day March 17

Post by Speiros »

There once was a player in game
I never remember their name
Although they keep dying
they never stop trying
Yet always, the outcome's the same.

Another dear player I'm told
They are 97 years old
They keep chopping slime
No regard for the time
and they've levelled at least seven fold.

I play manaworld late at night
when there really just ain't enough light
For work, I am late
Nothing goes on my plate
for my breakfast. Yes, this is my plight.

If you've played on here long as me
you'll notice how hard it can be
to level from new
from how you used to do
but the hard levels pass easily.

Yes, Manaworld can be a blast
Lovely players, and friends from the past
Fight a beast, do a quest
have a chat while at rest
and in time you'll have levelled at last.


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Re: St Patricks Day March 17

Post by jesusalva »

Original version


There once was a hurnscald girl,
who decided she wanted to chill,
so she went to the mines,
and regreted her while,
there no longer was a hurnscald girl.

Version with Rill's fix
There once was a hurnscald girl,
To adventures she gave a whirl,
So she went to the mines:
Read between the lines!
No longer was a hurnscald girl.

Morale: I don't know how to write limericks =/ XD
But anyone can participate, that's what counts!

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Reason: Third version and still messy :p I hate limericks
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Re: St Patricks Day March 17

Post by poppet »

There is a player called Hocus Pocus.
Seems his mind is all out of focus O_o.
Spends his time as a troll.
Shooting sparks at one and all.
Has this player escaped from the circus?

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Re: St Patricks Day March 17

Post by Hocus Pocus Fidibus »

There once was a dev called Jes,
his craving for grind was a mess:
two thousand keys
is not a breeze!
Next time a little bit less?

(And as answer to Poppet):
There once was a player named Tater,
who was just a mean Hocus hater,
but for his diss
he will not miss
Hocus' vengeance later!

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Re: St Patricks Day March 17

Post by alastrim »

There was an old man in a mine.
His sanity you can say was not fine.
About the reason for his disarray,
all the poor old man could say
is never lend your toothbrush to a slime

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Re: St Patricks Day March 17

Post by Raffe »

I once started a secret conflict
I stole a Bunkmaster hat from Phict
What a thrill
Gave it to Rill
If he realizes - Rill will be a convict

p.s. You didnt know did you ? :alt-5: :alt-9:

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Re: St Patricks Day March 17

Post by Ledmitz »

I once was consumed with rage,
Yet, wanted spells like a mage,
I worked on my smarts,
Proficient in part,
Or am I just weaker with age?

Ledmitz = Mystic = Mystical_Servant = Ardits = BoomBoom = KillerBee
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Re: St Patricks Day March 17

Post by couco »

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Re: St Patricks Day March 17

Post by jackisverycool »

The group had battled in vain,
for none of the cave snakes they'd slain,
had dropped any shorts,
therefore the group thought
"Lets never come back here again"

As many a player will say,
In this game it is always day.
and clouds will go by,
with no change in the sky,
or is there? you'll have to survey...

This game has many a charm,
Yet does me a lot of harm.
I'm basically playing all day
without breaks from the display,
But i still need to farm.

Tulimshar's fresh beaches are nice,
though Nivalis is best for ice.
but until i'm not seasick
when travelling too quick,
Hurnscald will have to suffice.

"Thank you ladies and gentlemen, it has been a pleasure performing for you!"

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Re: St Patricks Day March 17

Post by HoraK-FDF »

Some heroes in the snowy wild...
Were searching for a stolen child...
They all reacted with rage...
When they found her in a cage...
Now the yetis have all been "piled"

one for jak:
jak is programming the client...
it is his greatest fiend...
so many hidden bugs...
he constantly shrugs...
so please don't mind!

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Re: St Patricks Day March 17

Post by GNU+Linux »

There once was a GM named Prsm,
Who is famed for his thoughtful decisions.
He likes Carmel Candy.
This fact might be handy,
If you find yourself banned or in prison.

May the freedom software be with you!
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Re: St Patricks Day March 17

Post by mrpingo »

A bot called Constable Bob,
all the time he is looking for job.
He is loosing his mind,
looking for a rhyme,
rather than doing one by its own.

Messing his mind at the chat,
spending his life looking at.
With nothing to do,
that's all he can do,
next to the tree as his stall.

Don't swear or shout at his back,
repetitions are equally bad,
he is loosing control,
he cannot hold on,
if you are holding three tickets you are banned.

Hocus can enchant his lips,
Jesusalva dont try to miss,
If Kytty finds out,
That's going to be tough,
No Prsm can save you from this.

Constable did finally a write,
gold was it at his first sight.
Realized it was lost,
he searched in the logs,
but a slime has eaten the lines.

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Re: St Patricks Day March 17

Post by Rowsdower »

In Hurnscald I see a chap wearing a cap
why its jesusalva enjoying a nap
Sitting in town without a bed
Whats that on matto's head
Under a confused tree covered with sap

I got such a chill
There's one of the many many many many characters named Rill
Prsm challenges all takers
Only to be surrounded by AFKers
There are monsters I need to kill

This is just for fun
I didn't want to hurt anyone
I didn't use your name for shame
I only wanted to add to your fame
Now I have to run

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Re: St Patricks Day March 17

Post by butters »

He sees an old man hunting in terra land.
For a task, He offers his weapon in hand.
700 terras Hocus slays in a day.
Pocus must focus, only 800 more to flay.
And for a fine new blade, mask did he trade.