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Where are the devs?

Posted: 21 Jul 2004, 19:45
by ElvenProgrammer
I was wondering where all the dev team is?

Yeah I'm talking about Sull, natsuki, RRC and necromus... :(
If you have news from them please leave a post here :arrow:
I hope they didn't give up without saying a word :shock:


Posted: 21 Jul 2004, 20:21
by Sull
hi im still here,but i got too much problem and unable to solve it,i take time for myself to think
im very sorry

Posted: 21 Jul 2004, 20:36
by ElvenProgrammer
Don't worry Sull, the idea you're still with us it's enough. If you need help with your problems just ask, maybe we can do something about it... :wink:

Posted: 06 Aug 2004, 18:22
by natsuki
sory if i rarely visit..
school is really eating all of my time, if it can just be a hobby instead..
and tmw as school..

i miss tmw soo much,
i miss programming
i miss the code
i miss the devs
i miss all of you!

hope i can help w/ coding the coming days
a friend gave me a cd w/ cpp software so i might try to install it
wherever i use pc
still i need to reread the code (since it has changed much)
but i think that easy

school is good..
tmw is better..


-still with you..^^


Posted: 06 Aug 2004, 19:40
by Genis
^^ dont worry about it, just come back when you got time:)
I have actually been busy, havent got much done lately, damn parents not liking me on comp a lot/work:)
However parents leaving for a week this sunday, so itll be sweet, I hope to get alot done
and nice hearing from you