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Developing Linux Version!

Posted: 24 May 2004, 05:46
by Sull
ah just got all the based allegro src compiled on gcc!
but im working hard on developing socket
for thos know a little on winsock can help me to convert it =)

thats how i define makeword byte and word for the moment(he just compile fine)if someone know if is ok?

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typedef unsigned char BYTE;
typedef unsigned short WORD;
#define MAKEWORD(low,high) \
        ((WORD)(((BYTE)(low)) | ((WORD)((BYTE)(high))) << 8))
for thos who dont know yu have to compile with
g++ -o game game.cpp `allegro-config --libs`

and for thos think thats im developing slowly
im still a newbies on C,C++
i read many book on C programming and after 15 book i still have to learn =)

*oh and thank yu elven to add my to prog list,i will help yu as soon i understand the code =)"

Posted: 24 May 2004, 06:56
by ElvenProgrammer
In windows is defined as follows:

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#define MAKEWORD(a, b)  ((WORD)((BYTE)((DWORD_PTR)(a) & 0xff)) | ((WORD)(BYTE)((DWORD_PTR)(b) &0xff))) << 8))

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#define HIBYTE(w) ((BYTE)((DWORD_PTR)(w) >> 8))
#define LOBYTE(w) ((BYTE)((DWORD_PTR)(w) & 0xff))

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typedef unsigned char BYTE
typedef unsigned short WORD
Hope this could help :D

Posted: 24 May 2004, 21:21
by natsuki
maybe i'll try check packets later too.


Posted: 24 May 2004, 21:35
by Sull

Just got a new version,tryed to convert the socket but didnt know if they work i also removed
the MessageBox and the CreateTread command

thats how is look like


Posted: 24 May 2004, 22:17
by natsuki
looks nice^^

Posted: 28 May 2004, 18:16
by ElvenProgrammer
Mmmh I can't see the image. Maybe you removed it? :roll:


Posted: 29 May 2004, 18:24
by Sull
sorry just got a new adsl rooter i just rehave to redo the NAT thing =)