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Help Wanted: New Sound Lead

Posted: 09 May 2011, 18:45
by Wombat
I'd like to have a new sound lead. This lead can understand if sound belongs in the game or not. They are willing to learn how to use our git repositories and add sound files to appropriate places. They need not have a professional background in music, though having a critical ear for how the music loops smoothly is helpful, as is apply sound that is contextual to the action that called it. New sound effects and music are both wanted greatly.

In the mean time, if people want to make new sounds, post an .ogg file and people from the community can comment on it.

Re: Help Wanted: New Sound Lead

Posted: 10 May 2011, 02:11
by yubabax116
I have heard alot of music for games and am familiar with creating pieces of music i have done it for others. since i have to wait for my project to start i am willing to help out with this :wink:


Re: Help Wanted: New Sound Lead

Posted: 13 May 2011, 10:39
by Wombat
yubabax116 is the new sound lead.