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Posted: 16 May 2006, 21:17
by Pajarico
Modanung wrote:But what's with the white outline? :?
That's because the original doesn't have proper transparency and hacked that in 5 minutes.
it's nice but there is too little place underneath it... cauldron needs fire in order to be used
Uhmm... maybe you're right. But i couldn't find a picture of a cauldron with fire beneath it. The only one with fire I found had fire magically appearing from its sides even if it was too close to the floor. The rest had longer legs or were hanged from above.
longer legs
with fire

Posted: 16 May 2006, 22:55
by Modanung
I guess the one with fire under it is actually standing on legs, but there's just wood stuffed under and against it.

Posted: 16 May 2006, 23:04
by yosuhara
i made some crystals, which i think can fit into cave... post your suggestions..

Posted: 16 May 2006, 23:06
by Crush
i don't think that those crystals fit in that well. they look displaced as as if they don't belong there.

but the crystals itself don't look that bad. crystals are one thing i can never make really good.

Posted: 16 May 2006, 23:07
by yosuhara
Crush wrote:Image
i don't think that those crystals fit in that well. they don't look like they belong there.
so, can u suggest where we can use them?

Posted: 16 May 2006, 23:09
by Crush
i think i know what the problem is: the perfect horizontal baseline of the structure.

Posted: 16 May 2006, 23:10
by yosuhara
Crush wrote:i think i know what the problem is: the perfect horizontal baseline of the structure.
yop, i just realized that too :roll: i'm gonna fix it...

Posted: 16 May 2006, 23:19
by Pajarico
I like it.
This must a casuality because I'm thinking a zone in the desert made of blue crystals.

Posted: 16 May 2006, 23:39
by Crush
wasn't there something about some kind of glass desert on the wiki? crystals would fit there, too.

but i would picture that crystals in some kind of ice cave.

just played a bit with color modifications at the good old cave tileset:

Posted: 17 May 2006, 08:14
by ElvenProgrammer
:shock: ... :shock:

This is what I call a very cool idea. Well done Crush, it seems the frozen part of the world is growing a lot, the new version should feature a village and a dungeon as well. Let's hope to have suitable monsters in there.

If you don't plan to work more on the tileset, feel free to send me the map and tileset so I can work on them.

Posted: 17 May 2006, 09:10
by yosuhara
nice map, but i think we need also some kind of ice creature which lives in frozen land, reminds me of your little two legged fury creature Crush

Posted: 17 May 2006, 11:32
by Modanung
Furball anyone? :)

I think the tileset needs more work. The floor should be less saturated and I think it should flow into the walls, if you know what I mean.
I understand it's just a quick recoloured version. Just saying, before this gets the stamp "Final" on it.

Posted: 17 May 2006, 11:42
by Rotonen
I live in a frozen land.. :roll:

That aside, arena tileset improvement..? :evil:

Posted: 20 May 2006, 14:55
by yosuhara
i have made some tiny adjustments to woodland house by crush...


list of adjustments:
  • 1. corrected axe handle
    2. tried to make grass at the stone walls higher
    3. created different glass texture
    4. added more shadows to steps
    5. slight color change to door
    6. added wall-climbing plant
    7. added different kinds of moss on to stone wall

    i have also added my wood pile, which i have made some time ago (so it looks :( . i used wrong's nothing to compare with crush's pile)

Posted: 20 May 2006, 14:58
by Crush
your wood pile doesn't fit in. the perspective is wrong (the view angle is too steep this time) and the colors don't match.

i've got no idea what you made with the axe handle.

But the rakes are a good idea. i'll see if i can make something out of that.