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Hello everybody!

Posted: 08 Sep 2004, 10:10
by feltpants
Hi everybody,
I have just downloaded the source code..... looks good , from what I can understand, (I'm a beginner.....) I dont know If I should even try to understand the code? Can you stand a newbie programmer in your ranks? My brother is a experienced programmer so he might me looking at it too (maybe).


Posted: 08 Sep 2004, 13:37
by ElvenProgrammer
The Mana World aim is to become a big community so everyone is invited, everyone should give his contribute also players, that's why you're welcome (and your brother too if he wants eheh). And don't have less considerations for noob programmers they always find the biggest problems and remember everyone here was a beginner before (someone is still a beginner :lol: )

Posted: 09 Sep 2004, 05:50
by feltpants
Great!!!! Is there any part I should (try) and work on? By the way , this is the website to my text based game Dungeon Kings :


p.s the URL tag doesn't seem to be working.....