I've been waiting..

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I've been waiting..

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I've (as many others) been waiting for someone to use the graphics of some good ol' SNES game to create a world with.

I don't know how far you've gotten so far, but for many many years now I've been working on some ideas and rules for a rpg world.

Basicall the ideas for combat goes like this:

Everything is based upon skills and concentration.
Since it's easier to explain with examples I will do so :)

there are 3 types of combat, close-combat, ranged-combat and magic-combat.

when a warrior runs around the map he has a concentration level which is, lets say 20% and isn't really concerned about battle. (Som? =)

when the warrior detects hostility (this detection is based upon skills, feats and physical attributs) he slows down his movement and start gaingin concentration.

when the warrior makes an attack he will put some of his concentration into the attack, lets say 80%. defending against an attack will be far more succesfull when concentrated so directly after an attack an counter-attack from the enemy will be very good. (the enemy however will of course try yo avoid or block the attack losing, lets say 25% of his concentration.)

All in all the chances to hit and deal damage are based much on skills, concentration and from where you stand (higher chance of hit when attacking from behind or from the side).

using ranged combat is a bit more complex, as a good archer pre-calculates the enemies positions so I won't explain it in detail here.

The whole idea behind the way I want it is to make it so that it's the characters skills and abilities that makes up how good and strong he/she is, and the players role is to develop and guide the character and beeing it's will.

bwt, are you allowed by law to use the SoM graphics? =)

If you'd like to hear more about my systems for combat, magic, skills, levels, characterization and so on feel free to contact me: gg02-jli@mail2.nti.se

I'd love to help out by making non-visible parts that control how things behave and possibly even the interface to the character (such as character profiles, inventory, spellbooks etc)

/Jonas Lihnell, YellowRoze
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Any idea is welcome! :D Let's only say maybe it's a bit eraly to work on this, but we are working on a team to think on that. Please explain completely your ideas, so that everyone can espress their opinion
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