Which class do you feel more comfortable as?

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Which class do you feel more comfortable as?

Other? please describe
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Everything seems me to operate around combat. If we're going for RP I seems me some social classes would be appropriate as well:


Maybe some more. Seems kinda off the wall and difficult to impliment but certainly something to think about. I will say I really like the idea of developing ones character oneself to determine class.

If simply, magic is based off of intelligence, then what determines what type of magic one is using and what "spell lists" one is privy to? Perhaps clericals might be based on an alternate statistic. If we travel further down the D&D path will there be alignment of some kind? How will it be determined? I think that this would provide an excellent opportunity to add depth to quests, making them soluble in a variety of ways giving different reward, alignments and so forth.

How then shall nature magic be differentiated from priestly and elemental? My suggestion would be to further implement quests here. For those magic users desiring a particular form of magic a certain quest might be necessary to preform along with several oaths (Restrictions & obligations). Beyond choosing a type of magic these dedications might provide various benefits to the charecter and there may be multiple dedications or even paths of dedications within he same realm of magic user type. (Thus differentiating a cleric from a paladin, a druid from a ranger, A Mage from a Psion)

Further It seems guilds and deities would be fairly awesome to implement along these lines. After a certain level, and path dedication, one might seek out a deity with an affinity for his/her chosen path. The deity would provide certain boons depending on favor achieved with that deity. A system f favor determination would have to be worked out. In another game I played this was done by burying corpses of MOBs, killing specific MOBs or MOB types, or NOT killing them, using a particular weapon type, etc. Some more beneficial deities would have greater restrictions and clauses in their worship. Benefits included powerful permaspells (Like an Ice-shield or invisibility) at the highest levels of favor.

I guess I'm just rambling on about ways it wold be interesting to add depth to charecters. These are propositions and general ideas which would certainly benefit from molding and commentary if they appeal to anyone.

Personally I always liked a Mage in the Old Skewl White Wolf definition.

Edit - Can we not forget our sailors and Navalmen if the world becomes large enough? Not sure what purpose they would really have Practically but it was more of an afterthought anyway.

Also - Dedication paths for Barbarian/Warrior types would be fairly cool too. Or just about any path really. The ability to choose stat development, and pick from numerous path dedications and extensions to those dedications would make for very diverse world. Also if someone gets BORED of playing one type of character there are many other types left.

This diversity in Character types would Contribute to Team MOB running.

If thieves had a path it could be chosen by joining the local thieves guild. Certain skills would gain a boon from training but the charecter would be put on a wanted list and would have difficulty entering certain areas and might face arrest if caught by knights or guards etc.

That said....What about Bounty Hunters as an extension on the Warrior class....or as a Job Skill even that has no class restrictions really.

Guess I'm just brainstorming... :P

Okay I couldn't stop myself. I guess I really like STORY in a game. I never was much of a Rules lawyer in PPND I would always chuck the rules for a good story with involved players that RPed well (It has happened before....rarely...). If we REALLY want RP as I've heard from some of the developers A "class" economic interdependency and a player market would really achieve this.

Lets say I'm a mage, let's say I'm also a thief. Let's ALSO say that there are material requirements to certain powerful spells that help me as a thief/mage. Furthermore those consumables can only be gotten in a place thieves can go.

Let's say I'm a mage requiring consumables that only a warrior can provide because hey are drops from monsters that have high magic defense (and/or other factors making it thus)

Now let's say the consumables the Law-abiding citizen that is conspiring with the thieves guild, because he needs a certain something, are required to enchant a sword that a warrior would benefit from. The Warrior is trading the consumables he gets from drops for an enchantment, while the 'lawful' player wants cash or something else to keep the network of interdependency stimulated and providing a demand for players in every class.

Along the lines of enchanting a warrior's weapon. Stackable enchantments would be very cool if they were specific to benefit against particulat mobs and hinder against others. Some that were less powerful, harder to get the enchantment for, yet were blanket bonuses. So when a warrior has a sword he has worked had to give many bonuses he will pay to change out the easier (and more specific enchantment) every time he decides to go fight a different kind of monster. Creating, once again, a large player driven market.

If enchanting like this were implemented and common. Some kind of non-trading Co-possession screen might be implemented versus some kind of natural system of collateral as scamming would seem inevitable here.

Of course, this is just an example. I could go on with interdependencies and such between potential player types. I just wanted to provide a window into a possibility that was brewing in my mind.

Also, perhaps class dedication might be possible based on current availability of the market, training, demand, etc. If the thieves guild doesn't need thieves, they won't be hiring yet if they are doing so well, bounty hunters are probably in demand as well as other professions. Classes and dedications might be seperate things, but there may be specific clauses to particular 'class' types that prevent someone from doing certain kinds of work. I.E. a thief couldn't be a bounty hunter and so on...of course the guild probably could train one to be a master of diguises. So the permutations and possibilities are endless if we REALLY focus on RP and story.

Then again that all may just be way to complicated to code =/

Maybe not complicated just extensive.
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Mage because the can use magic that can be used for defense and attack, but can be used for short range attack or long range.
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