The leveling curve.

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Pavitra wrote: In fact, I'm going to go out on a limb here and propose that the curve should be completely flat: characters do not gain in power. Instead, a character becomes more finely customized with play; building up a character is something like building a TCG/CCG deck. All builds are theoretically balanced, but a few builds are just right for you.
The simplest metaphor for all that stuff I wrote :P. I swear I've never run into RO before this. I was checking it out because of a reference someone made to the graphics and few other things. Anyway...that's NOT what I any way. RO is still a level curve that rewards hours of grinding unless you play on a private server which tends to be rather imbalanced but more focus on WHAT and HOW you play versus what level and how much grinding one has done. This 'evolutionary' concept is great if a real meaningful system for it could be worked out. The revolutionary evolutionary.
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Revolutionary, perhaps, but I don't like it at all. In real life, people get better as they face challenges, which is the basis of the standard leveling systems. Obviously, a person who always takes the easy way out isn't going to be very good at much, while a person who faces numerous challenges daily is going to be very good.
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Having a flat leveling structure would likely require other interesting kinds of self improvement, since the basic character level wouldn't change too much. Skills are often spoken of, but it's boring when you've been able to master everything.

What about implementing some kind of skill atrophy, to accompany the flat curve? If a player stops using a particular skill, maybe it should drop in power. Just like in real life, if you haven't done something in a while, you might get a bit "rusty" at that skill.

This would make the game more interesting, as well as include some variety. If you got bored of your big sword, you could switch to a new bow you found. Your bow skill would gradually increase, and if you stopped using the sword as much, your sword skill might decrease somewhat. A player could reasonably keep a variety of skills up to date, but some older unused skills, such as handling knives or daggers, might loose strength to a greater degree.

Perhaps using certain types of skills would cause opposite skills to wax and wane, such as using magic might cause your intelligence to go up, but this might cause you to neglect your physical body, resulting in strength going down some.
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since you guys want flat leveling because of pvp, why not use some sort of pvp thats not combat based where level doesn't play a role in the result. there used to be this game on adultswim's website called "stop that sandwich" ... it was basically kill the guy with the sandwich, and after someone hit you you dropped the sandwich. anyone else could pick it up and then everyone else went after that person. there was a time limit and whoever held on to the sandwich the longest won. how about something like that or freeze tag or capture the flag, or anything where there aren't weapons or armor involved. then you don't need a flat leveling curve.
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I don't think that the PvP crowd wants a PvP gameplay that has nothing to do with the rest of the game.
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