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Woodland Village: First real map

Posted: 11 Aug 2006, 00:23
by Crush
here my first version (well, not the first, but the first i want to show you) of the woodland village. Note that it is a first version and i am still able to change everything when you got some cool ideas or dislike something.
(1) Inn
(2) Lumberjack (Quest NPC)
(3) Archer Shop
(4) Potion Shop
(5) Hospital
(6) Blacksmith (Weapon and Armor Shop)
(7) Mayors House
(8) Don't know the purpose of that building yet. Any ideas?
(9) large village square for shouting "BUY SHORT SWORD!!!!"
(10) Farm (Quest NPC?)
(11) Some decorative buildings without entrances
(12) Empty space for your ideas

Anything i forgot? Or any more ideas what the village could need?

By the way, we are still searching for a name.

Posted: 11 Aug 2006, 01:15
by Modanung
I think something like a guardhouse/gatehouse/customs could be added? A building with a few cells to keep people for a short time until they are taken to the main prison in the capital.
A sawmill/factory/workplace would be nice, where furniture (and building parts are made). Either for use inside the town or for other towns/cities.

I suppose you mean 'mayor' instead of 'major'? :P

Oh and it's coming along nice. :)

Posted: 11 Aug 2006, 01:33
by Crush
the whole town looks so peaceful. i don't think that it needs any military or law enforcement facilities. but a carpenters workshop is a nice idea. although it will be a hell to pixel all the unfinished pieces of furniture.

i corrected that mayor/major thing.

Posted: 11 Aug 2006, 14:15
by Matt

Posted: 11 Aug 2006, 14:39
by Maniac
I like it!

Posted: 11 Aug 2006, 15:26
by Matt
But the edges need some work...

Posted: 11 Aug 2006, 18:28
by Rotonen
A gatekeeper isn't automatically from a military organization: taxes, tariffs..?

Posted: 11 Aug 2006, 18:54
by BadMrBox
the horizontal roofs doesn't look quite allright. Just look at building 8 and you'll probably see what I mean. And, the shoreline needs some work.
Bah, I'm always too negative and I'm sorry for that. All in all it's a nice work Crush :).

Posted: 04 Sep 2006, 17:10
by ziolive
i hav'nt seen your map before i have made mine so i think it will be another proposition for another village near yours.

The idea of this village :
- People who's living here are very poor, so the village is very simple and everybody live in community.
- 10 houses for families.
- 1 big house for a sawmill and a house for loggers. with many tree trunk etc ...
- 1 isolated house for the hunter with bear skin who's drying.
- 1 isolated for a old healer (she's helping people who are sick but nobody very like her).
- 1 big house for the grocery, the richer man of the village, maybe the mayor. He buy meat and furs to the hunter, wood to the logger and vegetebale to women and sell all to everybody in the village.
- a big house in the center of the village for religion or for speaking about important problem or for protect everybody to tempest or other thing...
- a little river for water, washing and fishing...
- a big crowned tree for old people or for mystic
- a place for growing vegetable. Just one big garden for all the community
- no barrier out of wooden cause they don't pay there grounds for buildind there houses
- any dogs for security

Each house have a big piece of wood for heating the house.

Your bigger town will be good for the commercial town of the woodland. I will be interresting to have 3 or 4 little village around the bigger for occupate the woodland and have many quests between.
We can put any isolated house in the forest for :
- spiritual guide
- a trapper
- a witch

Posted: 04 Sep 2006, 17:35
by ziolive
About your map:

I'm not sure about :
- the fortification for a small town, and if you want big walls put the bottom in stone and big doors (open). I think if you remove them the town will look nicer.
- the barriers. It's mostly for animal husbandry (breeding ?)
- hospital : it's a modern construction, take instead an herbalist
- the size of the houses : many little houses and each bigger, it's better i think. the number 1 and 5 look like a too modern house.
- the field with trees under the 10 is strange
- decorative garden around house. i think it's a modern vision of town, it's depend if you want to have a real medieval town or a nintendo vision with color and decoration and happy people.

you can put :
- much houses with no particuliar function, for looking like a big town.
But i don't know the maximum size of a map in the game.
- a little cemetery
- a sawmill with trunks in the river,
- a litlle harbour with one or two boat for the trading activity.

I hope i have'nt upset you, i'm not too good in english for choosing good words.

Else i have seen your house and it's a very beautifull pixart work and i'm sure this map will be very succeed.

Posted: 07 Sep 2006, 11:22
by ziolive

an exemple of what i have said about your map :

decription :
- i don't like very much the fortification. you build that when you have a castle or many soldiers. So if you want to keep fortification i propose to make a military camp with houses around (and any inside) but for a bigger town, with tower, guardian house etc...
- i put the farms on the nord-est,
- and the nord-west is for the harbour, with a sawmill and trunk on the water and a stone floor for a market place
- i put many little houses for looking like better a "town"
- you can have other lonely little houses around the town, near or into the forest
- i keep some trees in the town too.

so it's a proposition, what do you think about ?

Posted: 07 Sep 2006, 11:33
by ElvenProgrammer
It is very well designed in my opinion. I guess we should start creating a wiki page for the forest village as well as we have for Tulimshar.

Posted: 07 Sep 2006, 17:40
by Modanung
ziolive wrote:- i don't like very much the fortification. you build that when you have a castle or many soldiers. So if you want to keep fortification i propose to make a military camp with houses around (and any inside) but for a bigger town, with tower, guardian house etc...
Walls/palisades don't just protect villages from soldiers, but also from thieves and wild animals.
The thing I like better about Ziolive's design is the fact it's less artificial. Crush' villages is a rectangle filled with buildings, as if it the entire villages was designed and built as one. Ziolive's village seems more natural.

Posted: 08 Sep 2006, 05:46
by HaLLanHype
Its really nice...

only 1 thing

the water... where it touches land for the shore...

I cant see it that good but it looks straight or whatever... you should make a land tile that is like shore... like the water is a little lighter over it and you can see the ground below it some... like as it gets deeper out...

or you could just have it show some brown around the edges ... to look better.. like dirt and some higher grass a little over it maybe?

Posted: 08 Sep 2006, 09:09
by ziolive
Walls/palisades don't just protect villages from soldiers, but also from thieves and wild animals.
When you create a city, do you create another with the same tileset or it's FORBIDEN by the manateam ?:x
else why don't do 3 cities with this tile set :
- This one,
- a little, looking like my first exemple,
- and a military camp for the governor of woodland.

Personnaly i think :
- it's better than do an enormous city,
- you can do many quest between the 3 cities,
- in first you have cities look like the same but after you can add any graphics differences or specialty for each city (wood trading, medical plants, hunters and furs trading...)
- in medieval time, the city was not so big.

And you can do that for each city tileset in the game.