[REQ][WIP] Legacy Cities state of Art

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[REQ][WIP] Legacy Cities state of Art

Post by Reid » 07 Dec 2016, 09:40

We have to describe precisely what is inside TMW legacy's cities in order to merge them correctly into the fusion server.
That task implies some "paper work", but it is a required step before we add any content in the new game.

We created 3 pads to make the state of Art for every cities: Hurnscald's state of Art is well advanced but still incomplete. Such works have to be done for Nivalis and Tulimshar.
The fastest we will do this part, the sooner we will be able to port TMW content into the new server.

tl;dr: state of Art are needed for TMW's cities in order to port them to the new server.
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Re: [REQ][WIP] Legacy Cities state of Art

Post by DeadManWalking » 02 Oct 2017, 14:17

What input are you looking for, if any?

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