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RO protocol

Posted: 30 May 2004, 23:53
by natsuki
it seems we'll be using ro server for a long time

i'll try to translate most packets,
(have a japanese packet reference)

so it would somehow be complete
but they might not have the graphics yet

btw here are some i did of remaining packets in the helpfile:

i'll try to add some more other packets^^

btw, i think it would be much faster if we make a circular or
fifo stack for packets, but i don't know how..

i still try to work with it^^

Posted: 17 Jun 2004, 17:37
by Shura
hi there,

guess this might not be the right place to come up with a question like this but as the post name "RO Protocol" already's there i'm going to try:

i am working on our own ro server right now and i pushed it quite far from where it was two days ago. since the docs are very client oriented i had my problems figuring out how things would work on the server's end. anyhow, right now i wonder what the 3 session ids are. not that i can't imagine what they are used for but how are they generated?

one is sent by the client, ok. what about the other two? may those be generated randomly or what or do i have to implement a certain algorhytm ^^*

anyhow, if anyone could help me out i'd apreciate it. thx in advance!

best regards