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new_3-1 layer bugs

Posted: 26 Dec 2007, 20:26
by zipon
ill found some layer bugs in the remapping version of the new_3-1 map.
i have fix the layers so you no longer will be able to walk on the right side of the first gate and also addet some clift outside the main wall so the mini map fits the map more.

new_3-1 fix

Posted: 27 Dec 2007, 10:25
by ElvenProgrammer
Moved to content devlopment

Posted: 27 Dec 2007, 10:35
by zipon
ElvenProgrammer wrote:Moved to content devlopment
ok sry elven for posting it the wrong place.

also made a screenshot off it ingame so you can see the layer bug if you haven't fundt it.


Posted: 28 Dec 2007, 01:27
by Crush
Committed to SVN.

Posted: 30 Dec 2007, 10:05
by Strump
More bug's



Posted: 30 Dec 2007, 11:44
by zipon
i have fix the to bugs you reportet to me

fix maps

and stump thanks for also posting them on the forum :)

Posted: 30 Dec 2007, 16:13
by Strump
:D jojo i help erver :)

is my job :)

ah and i have a new map's made on my new frend zipon :)

Posted: 03 Jan 2008, 18:17
by Crush