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Re: Ambient tune

Posted: 07 Mar 2008, 10:49
by dariunas
Production wise, this might be MIDI sourced, but the post bounce-down audio effects have been done very tastefully...

The composition is tight and focused, well layered and strong on sound selection... in all fairness, I think music like this is much more fitting to the graphical style of TMW. It's in keeping with the 16bit games where less, well selected sounds were well composed rather than throwing top quality orchestral samples in etc.

I like this :mrgreen:

Re: Ambient tune

Posted: 07 Mar 2008, 10:59
by ElvenProgrammer

Really nice and relaxing.

I'm eager to listen it in a forest environment.

Re: Ambient tune

Posted: 10 Mar 2008, 04:21
by andyms
Cool song!