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Post by trapdoor » 23 Jan 2008, 11:26

mnieto wrote:
Looking at defines.h, I guess that status notification is done through this packets:

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    CPMSG_USERJOINED                  = 0x0425, // W channel, S name
    CPMSG_USERLEFT                    = 0x0426, // W channel, S name
is that right? As they need a channel it may be difficult to reuse that for a buddy list. But I have to finish looking at the branch just in case something is reusable. After all, functionality is quite similar.
Actually that is for joining and leaving chat channels. There currently isnt anything added to check if a player is online, but it would be as simple as just asking the chat server is a player is connected.

Right now the online status for guild members is done by asking for the list of players in the channel that all online guild members automatically join. All players that are in the channel are therefore online.

I have a couple of hours today, and I hope to get the guild system ready to commit, the client side needs a lot of work, so if anyone wants to help with that side, so it can support multiple guilds, buddy lists and a party list, then that would be very welcome.

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Post by mnieto » 24 Jan 2008, 18:14

For multiple guilds, what about having tab buttons in a scrollarea?.


Scrollarea controls layout is modified but the same graphics are still used. So, it looks ugly.
This would be useful for the chat window, too.

EDIT: looks better when arrows are centered :P


patch: guilds | trunk
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