Audio development?

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Audio development?

Post by Othello » 04 Feb 2008, 12:49

Hi everyone,

I'm new to TMW, but I love it, and would like to participate. I'm kind of a jack of all trades... doing programming, graphics and writing songs. But at first I would love to write some music. I have written some already, but mostly in the form of electronic like music, but I would love to write some more ambiance/fantasy music. I'm currently writing a song called 'The sirens call'... I'll post it here tonight, which is more a fantasy theme.

Anyway, my question is, is there need for more music... and if so, what theme?... is there any requirement of the format it should be in (MP3, OGG, MIDI)... who should I talk to?


P.S. Here are some samples of stuff I've already made (Its not that good), free to use, can make remixes:
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Post by Crush » 04 Feb 2008, 13:00

We are using OGG.

Music should loop seamlessly and fit the ambient of an area that is already in the game or in development. Personally I would like to have a new theme for the forest area because I think that the current music is quite awful. We could also need a track for the desert temple that is currently in development (see
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