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--> Adding Items.

Posted: 29 May 2008, 09:14
by brand0n2
I tried to add my own custom hat, in the items.xml it's Id "91"...

But I added this line to Athena's Item DB, when i try to @item 91 1, It seems not to
work at all.

This is the line:
91,Elder_Hat,Elder Hat,5,,,,99,99,99,,,2,,,,,{},{}

Re: --> Adding Items.

Posted: 29 May 2008, 23:56
by blameu
in the item_db.txt

Code: Select all

1203,	RangerHat,		Ranger Hat,		5,	1000,	500,	10,	,	2,	,	0,	10477567,	2,	256,	,	0,	21,	{},					{}

in the item.xml for the client

Code: Select all

<item id="21">

    <item id="1203"
        name="Ranger hat"
        description="A leather hat traditionally worn by Rangers."
        effect="Defense: +2"

then you need to make a zip file and place it in the customdata folder in your .tmw dir
if you dont have the customdata folder in you .tmw dir make it

the zip should contain the tmw hierarchy

hope this helps