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nycsounddesign music track

Posted: 16 Jun 2008, 23:40
by nycsounddesign
This is a new thread regarding the music for The Mana World that nycsounddesign & dariunas are collaborating on.
It was originally posted in another section of the forum, but it was suggested that a new thread be started to make things easier for everyone. So here is the new thread.

I have uploaded a new track to the following url:

I didn't know what environmental setting to write for, so I composed a song "loop" which seems to me to be suitable for a forest environment, or maybe a marketplace, gloomy tavern, or a castle.

It's also pretty minimalist so that dariunas can collaborate with me on it.

Please offer any comments on it's texture, pacing, quality, etc. so that the best possible music for the gameplay can be written.

Re: nycsounddesign music track

Posted: 17 Jun 2008, 00:26
by Rotonen
The attack and pacing make it kind of invasive.

The theme itself is quite solid, but I'd move it from string-like elements to flute-like elements (ocarinas anyone?).

Re: nycsounddesign music track

Posted: 17 Jun 2008, 00:37
by nycsounddesign
Cool, I'm working on a less invasive ocarina remix.

Re: nycsounddesign music track

Posted: 17 Jun 2008, 00:51
by Superkoop
The song doesn't really seem like a forest type of song, probably the guitar type of instrument that does this, but rather feels more like...hmmm. Let me explain what it makes me think.

When I hear the song, it reminds me of the part of the story when there is no fighting, but like a cut scene where a story is being told, and what is happening in the story is sad.
So as it is now, I think it feels like a cut scene type song, or a title screen song.

And some of the notes could use some softening so they aren't so harsh.

I do like the theme though. :)

Re: nycsounddesign music track

Posted: 17 Jun 2008, 04:38
by nycsounddesign
Thank you for the feedback.

Here is a different mix, after considering Rotonen's input.
I started the new version before reading superkoop's comments, so I'll take those into account after the newer version gets some feedback.
I'm glad the theme is getting some good reviews.

a new mix is available here:

Please Comment, especially in regards to the pacing and texture-Thanks!

Re: nycsounddesign music track

Posted: 17 Jun 2008, 22:15
by Rotonen
Much more like it.

I like the utilization of the bells in the background very much.

Although it gives off the feeling that it is somehow in a hurry. It should be elongated and paced down a bit.

The first buildup and echo to it / how you come down from it is something I do not like. (~00:12-00:20)

The elements I like the most about this start at around 00:30 and continue through to the end.

Evolving further on this, I think this has the basic potential for some nicely looping ~5min structure.

Re: nycsounddesign music track

Posted: 17 Jun 2008, 23:04
by Superkoop
Wow, now this is starting to get really good. No longer a sad type of song (good thing), but it now reminds me of a nomad-ish song with the cymbals (also good). This would be a good temple song.

I don't so much like the flute instrument that the song starts with, but at about 31-32 the instrument changes, and it sounds more pleasing to the [my] ear.

I agree with Rotonen, this would make a nice longer song, it has the potential I think. :)

Re: nycsounddesign music track

Posted: 17 Jun 2008, 23:42
by nycsounddesign
Ok, good!
I will start using the arrangement of instruments that were employed around the 30 second mark, slow the pacing, and refine the melody.
I'm also going to listen to some Basil Poledouris tonight, as it was mentioned that this song had a "temple" feel to it.
I'll post another mix when it's ready.
Thanks, and please offer any more feedback, as I will use it to make better melodies, and establish unique arrangements of instruments.

Re: nycsounddesign music track

Posted: 04 Jul 2008, 19:10
by nycsounddesign
Hi, I've been working on a new mix.
It's only about a minute and a half long now, but I slowed the pacing, changed the instrumentation, and added a few things.
I have more concepts I'm going to write into this melody, and am going to refine many more elements.
it has just been about a week or two, and I wanted to post some of the new ideas I've been working on so I can get some fresh feedback.

I think the pacing might be a little too slow, and think that some of the instruments need to have more life and play the melody tighter, but anyway, here's a newer mix!
Please tell me what you think. I know it'll continue to get better!

It is available here:

Re: nycsounddesign music track

Posted: 05 Jul 2008, 13:43
by dariunas
Instrumentation is a more focused and the balance is lighter and easier on the ear, I like...

I think the tempo you had on the 2nd version was the best, did you slow this down a bit more since...? As it is sounding a little more sombre than the 2nd one...

00:30 - 0:48 - in terms of rhythm, I'm thinking perhaps the harmonic notes in the pipes are shifting with the melody too closely...? (perhaps a few notes held a bit longer in the harmony will hold it tighter... or I suspect when you tighten up the melody as you were saying, the related harmonic elements would follow? :mrgreen:

1:00-1:05 - Do you think this could be maintained a little longer? At the moment it's a kinda little bridge to the buildup section I comment on next...

1:05 - From here to the end sounds great! The harmonies and buildup is very nice... But you may find yourself running into problems tying it back to the opening to loop... Personally, I think this section would be perfectly suited as the closure of a title music track, but perhaps not on this one...? Anyone else feel this?

It's shaping up nicely methinks :)

Re: nycsounddesign music track

Posted: 10 Jul 2008, 20:07
by nycsounddesign
Thanks! I'm going to work on all of that stuff.
I agree that the tempo should be faster.

Also, Gonzodark asked me to write some cave music, so here is some of that.
I took it in a couple of different directions, and would like to hear what the TMW community thinks.
Here is a sample:

Also, does anyone know of a forum thread where I can learn more about the differences between The Mana World, and The Mana Experiment?-Thanks

Re: nycsounddesign music track

Posted: 10 Jul 2008, 22:37
by Rotonen
The cave piece is somehow very FF7-ish. Reminds me of the Midgard sector themes.

Also reminds me of the coal mine theme from Ragnarok Online towards the end. Oh those days of powergrinding.

Re: nycsounddesign music track

Posted: 10 Jul 2008, 23:26
by dariunas
Certainly in agreement with what Rotonen says - a very FFVII-like feel, like the slums and the instrumentation reminds me of Wall Street Market. Has the more reverberant elements for a cave in there also.

I think the song retains a lightheartedness and feel that is absent from pretty much all the existing music on TMW - the kind of vibe that makes FF music so catchy and memorable. The feel and instrumentation of the track is well matched to the visual style. Even the more electronic sounds which has in the past been quite controversial here, seems to fit right in... and of course, the looping is spot on.

Personally, I think this is perfect - Great work! :wink:

Re: nycsounddesign music track

Posted: 11 Jul 2008, 01:26
by Crush
I think it could be a bit longer. No matter how good the music: Just 1:36 of it will getting repetive after some hours of grinding.

Re: nycsounddesign music track

Posted: 11 Jul 2008, 13:16
by Rotonen
Powergrinders usually average out on 8 to 10 hours of consecutive grinding (plus maintenance time in the towns afterwards) and hence just switch off the game music and have their own playlists running.

But yes, 5 to 10 minutes should be something we are aiming for. Fools the ear enough with variation over time.