Usable TME/Aethyra content?

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Re: Usable TME/Aethyra content?

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I remember when Sert and Blame both first sat down with me to talk about the TME fork, now called Athyrea. How it was to complement TMW and both would help and give content to each other to continue growth. Oh and anything I touched for any project is GPL license just so everyone knows that. That goes for the cape and silver ore I helped with. I'm glad I stayed were I did because I did not want any misunderstanding about what I do or who I do it for. I do it for myself. I like to draw and it is fun seeing my stuff being enjoyed by others. No one tells me what to draw or what I should do. Sure some people would like to steer me in some directions but in the end it is my choice and I will do as I like. But I'm starting to rant. My Point is, it is sad to see how far the fork has gone from its "founding" principles and that I feel I made the right choice for myself staying right were I am.
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