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[Request] updated eAthena win32 Binaries

Posted: 06 Nov 2008, 16:21
by strikerbcb
Hello guys, someone can share with us a updated eAthena compiled for windows ( cygwin or vc++ ), i tried to compile by myself but i give some errors ...


Re: [Request] updated eAthena win32 Binaries

Posted: 07 Nov 2008, 02:05
by strikerbcb
well ... sorry for the double post, but i really, really need the most updated eAthena compiled for windows, anyone can help-me with this ? Jaxad, Crush, Anyone ????

thanks at all ...

Re: [Request] updated eAthena win32 Binaries

Posted: 07 Nov 2008, 09:58
by Ces
Well, the TMW specific eAthena server has never been released (as far as I know), so I’d give it some more time to any possible volunteers out there that may be willing to compile it for you. If you are really desperate for a recent binary, then try to compile it yourself. It is what most of us do in any case. It maybe isn’t the simplest thing to do on your O/S (if so, maybe a reason to look for an alternative one?), but showing some effort is usually to one’s benefit. I cannot help since I do not use your O/S.

Good luck on your binary hunting! :)

Re: [Request] updated eAthena win32 Binaries

Posted: 07 Nov 2008, 13:54
by strikerbcb
the binaries of old eAthena it´s released here in the foruns, but i need the newest that have the changes in the view ids for usable/equipable itens, because i having problems with this ... and i tried to make using the cygwin in windows, but i gave some errors, and the map-server don´t compile, and yes i am desesperated for this, my new release for my project it´s only waiting for this ...

Please, someone can help-me with this ... ?