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The economy in TMW

Posted: 22 Nov 2008, 09:49
by Saardokaar
quick fix for the economy. Please don't try to have me explain how this works, but there's a very simple reason the economy is so unstable and in such a state of flux. I'm shooting my own cash source in the foot on this one, but oh well. Fire goblins need to be either A: beefed up so they're much harder to kill B: removed from the beginner area C: Drop less Volcanic ash D: Be fewer and further between E: All of the above.

What's happened is that by making cash so readily available to anyone over level 20 with a scythe, we've caused the prices on weapons and armor to be twice as high as they need to, discouraged all crafting, even potions, due to the fact cash is easier to get from Fire goblins. Player trade between individuals drops off as people no longer want to sell obtained drops when they can make 3 times the cash in the same time period they would from selling that stuff to 1 shot fire goblins, AND gain experience to boot.

I'm no programming genius or anything (in fact I'm just learning and would like to make this my first project, even if only at this deep a level to start.) , but I do know a little bit about balancing a game. I've been playing these games since the MUD days when there was no GUI. Balance is a many faceted stone, one side of which is making sure the money dropped by mobs in an area is proportionate to the levels players will interact with those mobs.

That said, I'd like to offer my services (limited though they be hehe ;) ) in order to help make TMW a better place to inhabit. Thanks for your time and consideration. Feedback, growth on the idea welcome (After all i'm only level 32, i'm sure there's areas I haven't been to yet where this problem exists as well.), but let's try to keep flames to a minimum.

Edit. Just realized this sounds a little condescending. Don't think I"m saying "if we fix this, the economy will stabilize and all will be peaches and cream." I just think this is a good place to start, and it's a dialogue that needs to happen if this game is going to make a successful break from the pack of games in development, even to continue to grow and change successfully. A player driven economy driven around consumables and craftables is a vital part of any good MMO community, and I"m trying to start a dialogue about how to fix the mess that is TMW'S economy.

Re: The economy in TMW

Posted: 22 Nov 2008, 10:04
by Black Don
I agree that now that the drop rate on Ash has been raised from what it once was we should rebalance it a little. 500 gp per ash was ok when it was hard to get but now it drops all over the place I think you can fix it easier by dropping the NPC buy price. I think something like 100 gp would work better.

Re: The economy in TMW

Posted: 22 Nov 2008, 13:02
by Sathard
Agree... I heard that in future someone suggested to make firespell and after burning flower it would make ash, so I think that 500 is too though... I think about 50 and leave it's drop frequency in peace. Who got an idea, that simply ASH can be so expensive? Pearl - I understand but ash...