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NPC and Quest Idea (Master of Drinks)

Posted: 06 Mar 2009, 03:28
by Seradest
Soo my Idea is that a NPC has a Mixer XD
So for every drink that he must do,you must pay 50 GP
But why pay when i can buy it ?
Hmm you cant XD

ok a example

You found 3 Aples and a Bottle (you can buy a Bottle it cost 10GP).
You going to the NPC
He makes Applejuice ..... jayyyy XD
Ok Applejuice make not the same effect how 3 Apples but 3 Apples + 10% what ever apples do.
When you sell it by a NPC you became ever the same price whatever you mixing in fact 25GP you cant get more GP what you paid for the Mixing.
You can only Mixing what Monsters Drop !

Ok you think simple but where is the Quest and the coolnes ?
ok the quest ?
You must have recipe on vellum who the drinks are to write down ^^
This vellum must you became in other Quests and from Boss monster drops !
aaaaaand in many rare secret vellums are recipes that never ever anybody see XD
"666 Maggot Slimes make a Power Drink that make you realy sloooooow but your Hit are for 10sec 400%....... "

When you havent read a recipe vellum you cant mixing and the first vellums have normal recipes on it.
Every vellum must read from you befor you can mixing the drinks AND so that not exploited the vellum burnt to dust.
Ok ok you have a Recipe Book in that after reading the vellum the recipes are writen.
This book is only a Window in that you can the recipes scoll and read.
This book can not share,give or sell.

When the Game ever have Job Skills the first one was "the alchemist" and he can mix many other thinks ^^
dust+coal= gunpowder and that + a Arrow = Boom XD

Ok i hope you are like it ^^

Re: NPC and Quest Idea (Master of Drinks)

Posted: 07 Mar 2009, 22:46
by Seradest
Ähm nasty idea or nasty english and you cant understand this text ? :?