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I dunno if this is where i hav to post

Posted: 12 Jun 2004, 17:37
by Devil_Saint
Hi there, Elven told me to post here cuz i wanna join yer team,

I'm Jason a.k.a. Devil Saint I'm a Graphics esigner, Programmer, Web designer/developer.


Posted: 12 Jun 2004, 18:47
by RRC
well got any work that we can see?

Posted: 14 Jun 2004, 15:50
by Devil_Saint
im more on the facade side, i dunno if this is what yer looking for here's one: ... hics-1.gif

Posted: 17 Jun 2004, 14:42
by ElvenProgrammer
We're very proud of you! You're a very good artist, but please keep your signature below 640x480 :lol: