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Posted: 06 Aug 2010, 22:04
by pixlie
I came back after at least a year and started a new character. Now I'd like to go to Hurnscald and the bat caves but when I go west from the desert the minimap still shows the path up like I remember it but when I am there there is just an island. I found nothing in the forum and the walkthroughs about it.
Please help :oops:
Thank you!

edit: I meanwhile found a ferry man. If I invest so much money... can I save in Hurnscald or will I come back to life after death automatically?
thank you!

Re: Hurnscald?

Posted: 06 Aug 2010, 22:46
by Jaxad0127
That minimap still needs to be updated. The ferry price for lower levels will be cheaper with the next update.

Re: Hurnscald?

Posted: 06 Aug 2010, 22:58
by pixlie
Thank you for your answer!
Does that mean there is no way to get there walking?
I bought a ferry ticket and touched the soul menhir, am I save now?
Sorry, but I really didn´t pick these things up anywhere.
And now I am off to the mac forum to find out how to talk ingame (some keys don´t work) so I can ask people :lol: :lol:
thank you!