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Posted: 04 Jan 2006, 19:26
by Pajarico
What version? That source was the same which the ebuild fetches? or was tarball created after fechting it?
The ebuild takes the source from a mirror and should be exactly the same stored in our server, some patching may occur but is always done locally after downloading the tarball. So if the source is not the same is a problem, a bug, and should be notified to Gentoo as that.

Posted: 04 Jan 2006, 20:48
by Platyna
Well, yesterday on IRC came a user who had braces problem, which had been fixed in I asked him to give me ebuild files and main.cpp differs. So there must be something not ok with the ebuild.


Posted: 04 Jan 2006, 21:04
by flamma
Have anyone reported this problem to Gentoo Games?

Posted: 04 Jan 2006, 23:50
by Pajarico
Platyna, just checked that portage had the right digest for 0.18.1 (digest is a md5 check stored in a file, when some package is downloaded it compares both). And it's correct. I think whoever give you that screwed it.

Posted: 06 Feb 2006, 09:02
by zbyte64
as i mentioned earlier, i tried building fromCVS, and still no go.


sorry, just want to get that point accross. Granted there could be a problem with the ebuild, but it would not explain the problem many of us are experiencing

Posted: 02 Apr 2006, 04:24
by gaudeon
Not sure if any of what I am about to post will help but...

The error:

Error: Unknown error while decompressing map data!

is a result of a failed call to the zlib library function inflate.

I recieved this error for the longest time tonight while trying to do the install from source. For the record I'm not using Gentoo, I'm using RH9 because I'm a masochist... and that is also why I don't know if my information will help but I hope so.

For me to fix the error I removed the .h and .a/.so files from /usr/include and /usr/lib respectively to make it as clean as possible. Then I compiled the latest zlib version from source (version 1.2.3).

Example Command Sequence I used:
> rm /usr/include/zlib.h
> rm /usr/lib/libz.*
> cd /usr/src/zlib-1.2.3/
> ./configure --shared --prefix=/usr
> make
> make install

Afterwards tmw loaded right up.