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ubuntu 14.04 charackter uses wrong weapon

Posted: 21 Jul 2014, 10:59
by Degaden
Hello everyone,

this my first post and please forgive me, if my english is not the best one.
Platyna wrote:First use the Search feature on this forum to check if the issue you are experiencing was not posted before.
Already did...
I tried this an everything, which is connecting with this.
Finally, run cmake. Currently OpenGL is not supported and GCC 4.2.1 did not support C++0x, so turn those features off:

This was the only step i did not try out, but every step before doesn't work out either.
The page has been moved to manasource wiki:
See the ChangeLog - maybe your issue had been already fixed.
I looked there too...
Check the Bug Tracker, maybe someone already posted same issue and it is being worked on:
There are points in life, where i have to accept, that I'm a layman.
Be verbose, post backtrace, strace, content of tmw.log, versions of dependent software etc. Make sure all of depencies are installed and has correct versions.
Do not use pastebins because content pasted there expires.

I tipped every single possibility mentioned above with my own hands into the terminal.

One impression of myself is that the version worked better in relation to that situation, than

Maybe I'ce got to point out that yesterday I used and today I'm using and it isn't working.

TMW is great and I hope someone can help me.


Edit: This situation exists only, when I am fighting log heads. I did't try every single other monster. Against Squirrels and Pinkies everything is okay.

Re: ubuntu 14.04 charackter uses wrong weapon

Posted: 21 Jul 2014, 12:33
by 4144
Not sure whar you mean in this explanation.
If you mean if attack some mobs on big distance, your player changing weapon to some bow?
And if you attack close it change weapon to knife?
If yes, look like you enabled special mode for this. Short fix press G once.
Long explanation, look here:
(To show yellow bar if it hidden, right click on any visible bar, and select "show status bar")

Re: ubuntu 14.04 charackter uses wrong weapon

Posted: 21 Jul 2014, 22:45
by Degaden
Thanks for the quick answer.

My yellow Bar was deactivated and my preadjustment were different too.

I even didn't find the yellowbar until I used the mouse to show it.

Thanks again for the quick help.

giving my regards

Re: ubuntu 14.04 charackter uses wrong weapon

Posted: 28 Oct 2014, 14:50
by alexander1006
I once face the same issue. I fixed it by set the yellow bar to "default attack"