Blue Sage Quest issues - Ice Gladius info.

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Blue Sage Quest issues - Ice Gladius info.

Post by DeadManWalking » 22 Sep 2017, 03:24

I was informed that a player didn't get their Ice Gladius when doing the Blue Sage Quest, as they were told they didn't kill all the slimes, so I went with them, and we scaled that place aisle by aisle, and the player had been there on one instance for over 2 hours. Still, there was no nest that turned up which was unfinished. I went along to observe basically.

Also, when I did the quest myself (only the first parts, namely the investigation and the slimes), I received the Silk Gloves, but when it came to killing all the slimes, I get the message from the two in the library that I have successfully completed it, but when I see the NPC Nikolai, he doesn't confirm it, nor give the Ice Gladius.

So there are three parts to this:
1) Can somebody look at the quest for the other player's problem.
2) Can someone look at the quest for my problem.
3) Can someone give me feedback about whether there is a specific order, so I can edit the wiki and make it consistent for all players?

Thanks in advance. :)

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